Question: Is an American in Paris a ballet?

An American in Paris is a one-act ballet choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon, to the eponymous music by George Gershwin, costumes designed by Holly Hynes, sets designed by Adrianne Lobel and lighting designed by Natasha Katz.

How long is the ballet in An American in Paris?

17-minute Featuring the music of George Gershwin, the film memorably concludes with a remarkable 17-minute ballet, still considered one of the triumphs of its genre.

To pull off this dance feat takes a team and in this instance, is heightened by the exceptional collaboration between the original choreography of Christopher Wheeldon and the Australian team of artistic directors, dance arrangers and choreographers.

Is an American in Paris a ballet?

Making this choreography shine are the talented cast, led the night I saw it by Cameron Holmes Jerry Mulligan and Dimity Azoury Lise Dassin who excel in the balletic scenes. This show is demanding in that it calls on someone trained in both ballet and musical theatre who is able to excel at both equally and simultaneously.

Is an American in Paris a ballet?

Sam Ward as Henri Baurel, Ashleigh Rubenach as Milo Davenport and Jonathon Hickey as Adam Hochberg are all respectively excellent in their roles with solid musical theatre chops, fabulous characterization and a strong command of how to express their characters, and compliment them, through dance. Each was a delight to watch, my personal favourite being Ward who sang, danced and acted his way from comedic parts to a full on 1950s extravagant dance number worthy of Radio City Music Hall and the dream in his head.

An American in Paris — Ballet www.a-omori.comtory

What remains the same is that An American in Paris is a story of finding love, happiness, and a new lease on Is an American in Paris a ballet?.

Set in beautiful Paris the story is filled with possibilities, fate, Parisian sensibilities, an epic love triangle and, as such, lots of romance. One of the highlights of the production is the phenomenal set designed by Bob Crowley and 59 Productions.

In this show, the set is a character in and of itself. This musical is not going to be for everyone due to its heavy inclusion of ballet and because of the classic nature of the Gershwin score.

Is an American in Paris a ballet?

However, for lovers of the classics, of dance and of seeing very well crafted theatre performed to a high standard, I recommend that you head on over to the Theatre Royal whilst this beautiful show is in town.

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