Question: What does Dory always say?

When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming. — Dory. If there is one quote that defines Dory, this is it. Its also a good mantra to live by in real life.

What are some things Nemo says?

Disney: 15 Best Quotes From Finding Nemo1 Bye, Son... - Marlin.2 I Promise, I Will Never Let Anything Happen To You... ... 3 You So Totally Rock, Squirt! ... 4 P. ... 5 Sharkbait! ... 6 I Shall Call Him Squishy And He Shall Be Mine And He Shall Be My Squishy. - Dory. ... 7 Fish Are Friends. ... 8 Thank You-Hooo! - Marlin. ... More items...•31 Aug 2020

What does crush call Dory?

Crush is a sea turtle in the 2003 Hollywood movie Finding Nemo by Disney productions. Crush calls Dory by the name The Little Blue because of its colour. Crush helps Dory by taking it to the Sydney Harbour where it is supposed to save Nemo.

What mental illness does Dory have?

One of the most entertaining characters in the first film was Dory — the overjoyed, passionate little blue fish who suffers from short-term memory loss.

The one thing she can remember is that she somehow became separated from her parents as a child. With help from her friends Nemo and Marlin, Dory embarks on an epic adventure to find them.

Her What does Dory always say? brings her to the Marine Life Institute, a conservatory that houses diverse ocean species. However, when a field trip brings back some old memories of Dory's real family, she sets off on a journey across the ocean to California waters. With new friends like Hank the septopus and Destiny the whale shark, Dory learns that her parents might be closer than she believes.

The septopus help her to go in to the ocean and find her parents. By the time She was searching She found a hole. She begins another venture to find her parents in the hole.

And they helped Dory to get out of that hole. While She was in the hole She saw nemo and her father. And they helped each other to get outta that Place.

As she grows up, Dory attempts to search for them, but gradually forgets them due to her short-term memory loss. In the flashback of the previous film, Finding Nemo, she joins Marlin - a clown-fish looking for his missing son Nemo - after accidentally swimming into him.

What does Dory always say?

One year later, Dory is living with Marlin and Nemo on their reef. One day, Dory has a flashback and remembers that she has parents.

She decides to look for them, but her memory problem is an obstacle. She eventually remembers that they lived at the Jewel of Morro Bay across the ocean in California, thanks to Nemo mentioning its name. Spoilers The synopsis below may give away important plot points. And we know you'll never forget us. Years later, Dory voice of is still lost and unable to remember her family.

What does Dory always say?

She sees a boat cruise by over her head, and a clownfish named Marlin voice of smacks into her. After Dory and Marlin rescued his son, Nemo voice ofshe stays with them at the Great Barrier Reef.

They all swim up to Mr. Ray voice ofwho is leading the class on a field trip. Dory volunteers to go along as an assistant and Mr. He talks to the class about migration and tells them that it's about going home. One kid asks Dory where her home is. Ray takes the class to the edge of the reef and reminds them to be careful of the undertow. Again, the word makes Dory remember something but she soon gets lost in thought.

A school of rays swims by causing the grass to sway in their wake. Dory remembers being pulled away from her parents and then everything going black. When Marlin arrives, Dory is still excited about the memory although she can't remember what it was.

Nemo repeats what she had said and she has a flood of memories. She remembers her family and realizes that they're still out in the ocean, somewhere, with no idea where she is.

She sets out for the Jewel of Morro Bay with Marlin and Nemo following to keep her out of trouble. Marlin has an idea for how to get where they're going quickly. Marlin's friend, a turtle named Crush voice ofhas the three of them on his shell, taking them through the California current. They jump off and see a sunken container ship, and a group of hermit crabs taking cover.

The crabs shush Dory when she tries to ask for help, triggering another memory. As a young fish, she What does Dory always say? past a sunken ship and asked a group of crabs for help finding her parents, Jenny and Charlie, and they quickly shushed her. Back in the present, she tells Marlin that she remembers her parents' names. She swims around shouting their names with the crabs still trying to shush her.

What does Dory always say? swims up to a container and a squid pops out and chases her. The three of them What does Dory always say?

as fast as they can with the squid in pursuit. Dory gets caught in What does Dory always say? plastic six-pack ring. They swim through a small hole into a container and the squid shakes it, causing other containers to fall.

In the scuffle, the squid grabs Nemo and pulls him toward its mouth. Marlin grabs What does Dory always say? and a container hits the floor causing the trio to be launched to safety, landing in a kelp bed. Marlin rushes over to console his trembling son and Dory asks if she can do anything to help. You can wait over there. Go wait over there and forget. It's what you do best. Witness the majesty of the beluga whale. When Marlin realizes that she swam off, he goes out to find her and sees a pair of hands scoop her out of the water.

The humans pull her into their boat and remove the plastic ring around her. Then they put her in a cooler and shut the lid.

Disney: 15 Best Quotes From Finding Nemo

The ship heads toward the shore with Marlin and Nemo frantically swimming after it. The cooler lid opens and two staff workers dump Dory into a large tank and clip an orange tag to her fin and then leave the room. A seven-legged octopus named Hank voice of had been disguising himself against a wall by changing color to match it. He slips over to Dory's tank asking her why she's in Quarantine. Spotting her tag, he tells her that she's going to be What does Dory always say?

to an aquarium in Cleveland. She says that she has to find her family in the Jewel of Morro Bay and he responds that she's already there. She asks why he wants to go there and he says he doesn't want to be released back into the ocean since he has bad memories from there.

He just wants to go to Cleveland and live the rest of his life alone. Dory agrees to give him her tag, after he helps her find her parents. He grabs an empty coffee pot and uses it to scoop her out of the tank. Outside, Marlin and Nemo swim up to the building, finding a pair of sea lions, Fluke voice of and Rudder voice ofwho explain that in the Institute, fish are rehabilitated and released, as they themselves were recently.

Hank is taking Dory down the hallway and she sees a map on a What does Dory always say?. He brings her closer and she sees a purple shell. That triggers another memory of her parents laying purple shells all around their coral home.

Just then, a staffer walks in. Hank What does Dory always say? himself and Dory sees the staffer holding a bucket that has the word Destiny printed on it. Dory gets an idea and jumps in the bucket, which is full of dead fish. The staffer grabs her and a bunch of the other fish, and tosses them into a huge tank. There are a group of children outside the tank and a tour guide tells them that there is a whale shark named Destiny voice of in the tank.

Destiny is near-sighted and has trouble swimming around the tank, but Dory stops her before she smacks the glass.

She recognizes Dory's voice and tells her that What does Dory always say? were childhood friends. Destiny tells Dory that she's from the Open Ocean exhibit and Dory asks her to take her there. Destiny tells her that she doesn't have any way to travel around. A beluga whale named Bailey voice of is in the next tank and Destiny tells Dory that he was brought in with a head injury. She says he thinks he What does Dory always say? use echolocation anymore even though the staff have examined him and found nothing wrong.

What does Dory always say?

Camouflaging himself as a toy, Hank gets tossed into the tank. He demands her tag in return for showing her the map. Destiny tells Dory that she can get to the Open Ocean exhibit by going through the pipes, taking two lefts and swimming straight.

Dory worries that she won't remember the directions and Hank tells her there's no other way. His words trigger another memory, of young Dory trying to pry a shell loose from the sand. She thinks there's no other way to get the shell and is about to give up when her dad tells her that there's always another way and uses his tail to wiggle the shell loose.

She also spots a rack of baby strollers and she tells Hank she will use one of them to get across the park. Fluke and Rudder are calling a loon named Becky, and they tell Marlin that she can fly them in. They climb into a bucket that Becky picks up and flies into the building.

Inside, Dory and Hank are hiding in a stroller. Hank steers the stroller while Dory navigates. He tells her to find a sign that says Open Ocean to get to the exhibit. They bump into a boy who spills his popcorn on the floor. Flying in, Becky sees the popcorn, leaves the bucket hanging on a tree branch and flies down to eat it. She tells Hank that she remembers that and they need to go left. Marlin and Nemo are stuck in the bucket with Becky still eating popcorn.

Marlin tries to inch the bucket forward to get within Becky's earshot and it tips over, dumping them out and into a tank of toy fish in the gift shop. Becky finishes eating and grabs the bucket again and flies off to the roof of the Quarantine building. She looks in the bucket and finds it empty. Dory and Hank pull up to the sea otter tank and What does Dory always say?

asks why she led them there. She tells him that she remembered something about glasses and followed that.

The stroller rolls downhill and they're launched into the kid's touch-pool. Dodging kids' hands, she swims up to the camouflaged Hank and pulls him along. A kid's hand touches Hank and he inks, turning the What does Dory always say? black, and scaring off all the kids. Hank can't believe that her idea had saved them. Inside the toy tank, Marlin and Nemo see a group of fountains with streams of water shooting between them. They jump out of the tank and catch a water stream, jumping from one to the next.

Hank holds Dory in a plastic cup and sneaks across the room to the Open Ocean exhibit. She hands him her tag and he drops her into the tank. On the floor, she What does Dory always say? a trail of shells. Another memory pops into her mind and she remembers her parents placing shells in a line.

They tell her that if she ever gets lost, she can just follow the shells back home. Dory follows the trail of shells and finds her childhood home but her parents are nowhere to be found. She sees a purple shell which triggers another memory of her parents warning her to stay away from the undertow. She swims to an outflow pipe and another memory pops up of her overhearing a conversation between her parents.

They worry that something bad will happen to her one day. Young Dory looked around for something to make What does Dory always say? mom happy, finding a purple shell in the distance. Dory realizes that it's her fault her parents aren't there. A crab named Carol tells her that all of the blue tangs who were there got taken into Quarantine and are being put What does Dory always say? a truck bound for Cleveland. Carol says that Dory can get to Quarantine by swimming through the pipes.

Nervously, Dory swims into the pipes, quickly forgetting which way she's going. She calls out to Destiny and asks for help.

Destiny tells Bailey to use echolocation to help Dory. Bailey is What does Dory always say? that it won't work but gives it a try anyway and is surprised that he can visualize a map of the pipes. He guides her toward Quarantine but then he senses something else in the pipes. He tries to have Dory swim away but she keeps swimming closer.

Dory is surprised to see Marlin and Nemo in the What does Dory always say? and they all hug. She tells them that her parents are going to be shipped away and they head to Quarantine.

They see a tank of blue tangs across the room and swim up to the surface and jump from tank to tank. Just when they get to the last tank, it gets lifted up and they hit the side and fall into a mop bucket. Camouflaged, Hank reaches in and pulls them out, putting them in a beaker. Dory introduces Hank to Marlin and Nemo and Hank drops them into the tank of tangs.

Dory looks around but What does Dory always say? find her parents anywhere. The other tangs tell her that they knew her parents. After she got lost as a child, her parents thought she must have ended up in Quarantine.

They came to look for her but that was years ago. The tangs tell Dory that when a fish doesn't make it back from Quarantine, it means they're gone. Sadly, Dory backs into the beaker and Hank pulls her out. He asks where Marlin and Nemo are and sees them get loaded onto the truck. A staffer grabs Hank and he drops the What does Dory always say?.

He slaps at the staffer, who lets him go, and he quickly camouflages himself and looks at the spot where the beaker fell. He sees Dory get sucked into a drain that goes to the ocean. In the ocean, Dory finds a trail of shells and follows them to a home made from a tire. Seeing two fish off in the distance, she swims toward them and realizes that they're her parents. They swim up to her and hug her. They tell her that after they didn't find her in Quarantine, they figured she must have gone out the pipes.

They laid out shells every day, hoping she'd see them and come back home. They ask her if she's been alone all these years. Suddenly, she remembers Marlin and Nemo. Inside the truck, Hank reveals himself to Marlin and Nemo and tells them that he lost Dory. Dory is swimming through the water, catching her parents up on everything that's happened to her.

Suddenly, she hears the announcer voice from the Marine Life Institute. The next thing she hears is a truck starting up and she remembers that Marlin and Nemo are on it. She calls out to Destiny and she and Bailey jump over the walls of the tank, landing in the ocean next to Dory. They all swim after the truck, using a group of otters to stop traffic. One of the otters carries Dory into the back of the truck and Hank puts her in the tank with Marlin and Nemo.

Marlin calls out to Becky, who flies in with her bucket. Marlin and Nemo jump in but Becky flies off before Dory can join them. Becky dumps them into the ocean, right next to Destiny. She asks where Dory is and Marlin tells them she's still in the truck. Marlin calls to Becky and tells her to fly back to the truck and get Dory. Hank reaches into the tank for Dory, but she doesn't want him to leave her and she gets him to agree to join her in the ocean.

Just then, a staffer slams the back door and drives the truck away. Destiny swims after them but can't keep up. Dory sees a vent in the roof and Hank grabs her and moves toward it. Hank and Dory squeeze through the vent, and Hank plasters himself across the windshield, forcing the driver to stop.

When the driver walks out, Hank shuts the door and locks it, taking control of the truck. He drives off with Dory navigating. She sees a car pulling a boat and follows it. Dory sees a splat on the windshield, and sees that it came from a flock of seagulls heading left. She has Hank follow them and they drive up a hill. Dory sees the ocean at the bottom and she tells Hank to floor it. The truck falls off the edge of a cliff and tumbles toward the ocean, sending all the fish inside flying.

Dory and Hank happily plunge into the ocean below. Back at the Great Barrier Reef, Dory What does Dory always say? playing hide-and-seek with the students. Hank tells them that Mr. Ray is away on migration and until he gets back, Hank will be their substitute teacher. Bailey and Destiny tell the kids about echolocation. Dory tells her parents that she'll see them in a while but she wants to do something first. She swims off, with Marlin following after her, trying to keep himself hidden.

She swims up to the edge of the drop-off, then calls out to Marlin, who sheepishly swims up to her. She tells him that she enjoys the view, and they both look out into the ocean.

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