Question: Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male?

Alpha males are guys with great confidence while beta males are guys with low self-esteem. 2. Alpha males are leader types while beta males are follower types. ... Alpha males are seen as arrogant and cocky while beta males are seen as passive guys.

What is a beta male type?

Beta males are the lieutenants of the socio sexual hierarchy. Theyre fiercely loyal to their alphas. In exchange for this loyalty, they enjoy many of the benefits of high status and position. Beta males are crucial to a stable hierarchy, and enforce the alphas rules to maintain order and structure.

Otherwise, progression of the lifestyle extends much the same as any cuckold relationship. Due in part to the commonly Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male? view of black sexual superiority a debate we can Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male?

elsewhereblacks are expected to be dominant sexually and this is one component that many couples are looking for and one reason they sometimes gravitate to interracial. Unfortunately, blacks are no different in reality than any other racial group when it comes to the ratio of true Doms and most black guys are assertive bulls at best and simply selfish guys at worst — but this is no different than any other ethnic group.

Still, size alone cannot guarantee what a woman needs sexually. Many cuckolds to wives with a black cock preference find it easier to accept being limited or weaned from sex as it is apparent that no matter what they are capable of, they cannot offer her the cock she wants. There are other aspects to be familiar with: Dating On display for her date.

As much as we Doms and bulls enjoy showing off our sluts, the wives themselves often enjoy being the obviously married plaything for their dark bull. One way this is expressed is public dating where they can be openly playful and intmate as a couple. The truth is that there are fewer risks for a happy couple with a steady boyfriend than there are for the wife who is hooking up with random males you know very little about.

Dating is still a rush for the cuckold who should be Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male? in the dating by helping prepare his wife for her date.

This is an important intimacy for the couple to share prior to a date just as the sharing of details is following a date. I actually encourage both as they are different experiences and have different positive experiences for both the cuckold and his wife. Often the wife is required to dress and behave to communicate her preference for black males.

Imagine being told your wife is now black only. Without it even being said you kow that your penis is now obsolete. Often the cuckold has been largely weaned from intercourse as a natural progression of the lifestyle, but making it official that his constant erections will now never enter her where her bull or Dom does can be very intense for the cuckold. Detail on that is in the post following this one. The physical intimacy shared during intercourse is easily replaced in numerous other ways and I often coach couples in that area.

The physical release offered by sex is important and also had many substitutes, but for a cuckold it must be regulated to ensure his attention is focused on his wife and not on his own suffering appendage. That sacrifice is important to his role as a cuckold. Breeding Yes, the term refers to impregnation and the use of the term is intentional to imply a certain level of submission.

We commonly use the breeding term with animals, but I caution you to not get caught up in that but rather to consider the submissive nature of the wife who is black owned and the submission of the husband who has accepted and supported this change to their marriage.

Of course I would never support or endorse such a thing being willfully done without full consent among everyone involved, but accidents do happen and the risk of interracial impregnation is very powerful for many women and their husbands. For those couples who are black owned or those wives who choose to offer their Dom or boyfriend the ultimate intimacy, the anticipation, planning and ceremony surrounding the mating and impregnation of a white wife by her black mate is very erotic.

Some couples choose to allow the wife to couple with multiple black males so the father remains anonymous. This is too risky, in my opinion. Knowing who the father is can be important on several levels. Some couples will let nature choose and allow the semen of both lover and husband to compete for her womb. Many things have to be taken into account, but as with all things in life, ultimately anything is possible if you want it, plan for it and work toward it. Of course this is a very serious decision, but most aspects of this lifestyle are and for some couples, this represents the ultimate commitment to the interracial lifestyle.

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Since I had never had sex with anyone but my white husband I was excited about what it would feel like to be with another man. It took a long time and a Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male? of discussion before my husband set me up with a date with a 30 year black man for my 50th birthday. There was just so much more to sex, not only to the actual penetration but all the foreplay.

I was totally black owned for years and was black only during that time. My husband was only used for clean-up but he loved it. If you ask him would he do it again he will tell you yes every time. I am sure she is very curious about interracial sex. Once I get her started she will enjoy it I am sure but it as to be the right situation and guy. It is full of delicious taboos, it rights the wrongs of the past in some way and there are the contrasting visuals of skin colour.

Add to that the reputation of black guy ability and cock size and no wonder there are trails off to the wild world out there looking for such guys. We can be political about this too and argue that mating should follow. We should counter all the prejudice and have beautiful coffee coloured kids as they do in some other societies so successfully I think of Brazil.

A black guy and I were once both interested in the same married girl. She was spoilt for choice, her husband off on military tours abroad and leaving her a note to confirm that he wanted her to get it on regularly with a bull. We both dated her and both ended up in the sack at different times. He outgunned me in the love tackle department, he smelled different, erotic and earthy and he was very much more aggressive than me back then.

Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male?

Hubby was sent a phone pic of her sucking his cock. I offered other things, physical sex for sure, but nice dates as well, enabling her to feel she was with a cultured as well as an alpha male.

She was loving that-but her husband swung it. He needed to submit to the black dude, to think of his wife taking a pounding that way from the handsome, but less sophisticated Leroy. They were very quickly owned, and she had a torrid time. He took her to clubs where his mates hung out and she got a lot of attention. The hubby surrendered to it all though. I wanted her to have sex with another man.

Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male?

We were actively clubbing at the time hitting all the swinging singles nightclubs. We agreed it was appropriate that she dance with other men. She told me of a guy that she works with and she thinks he would be interested. I told her that was great and to invite him over so she did and he came over one nite and we had some drinks and smoked a little shit and started talking a little. I got out the porno movies and my wife went upstaires.

He and I talked for a little while and I could tell he was getting interested. My wife came down in a sheer nitie and that started the ball rolling. She sat beside him at the bar and I was behind the bar watching them. I could tell she was playing with his cock under the bar. I walked around the bar and saw what she had in her hand and it was huge. But that was to come later. Well we all got undressed and were standing there with my little white dick and his giant black cock.

They decided to go up to the bedroom and I would come in later. So I waited for awhile all the time playing with my ittle white dick. I went up stairs and opened the bedroom and there she was with that massive cock in her mouth.

I love walkng in on her while she has a cock in her mouth. I got on the bed with them and she told him she needed his big cock in her pussy. With that he rolled her over and with one great big thrust he put that whole massive cock in her to the hilt. After he Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male? her he fell off and her gaping cunt was dripping from his cum.

Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male?

I imeadately started to clean her up. While I was cleaning her up she was sucking his cock. When she finished sucking off all the juices from his cock she told me that she had been fucking him for over a year now and wanted to show me how much she enjoyed his big cock. Needless to say we have many great times together. All of them are white and all of them say the same thing as the escort you talked to.

She intensfies the experience just by being in the room. It was our annual party and everybody wanted to drink so we arranged to do the party at a hotel and rented a conference room. Most everyone had also reserved a hotel room so we didnt have to worry about a driver home. As my wife Donna started drinking, she began to flirt with a black guy I worked with and he was loving it.

Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male? even dirty danced at the hotel bar and he and her were grinding each other alot. I was watching and was somewhat interested in what they were doing. I knew this guy was pretty well hung from comments he had made at work.

When they took a break from dancing, they both came to were i was watching and when my wife went to the bathroom, my coworker told me I was lucky to have such a sexy wife.

What is a lone wolf?

He then told me he would never let her out of his sight if it were his wife and he would have sex with her everyday. I looked at him a bit funny and he laughed and told me he woulde love to have sex with her and told me again I was a lucky man. Well, they both kept drinking, danced a few more times and then i asked my wife if she would like to have sex with the guy. Shethought I was joking but when I told her she could if she wanted, she said yes. As soon as we went in I told them I was just going to watch and soon they both felt comfortable enough to start touching and kissing.

I had not seen my wife that t urned on and excited for along time and she undressed him and when she pulled his boxers down, he was hard, big and my wife was very impressed as was Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male?.

He was two times the size of me. They layed one the bed and kissed and then she went down on him and gi ave him a bj that really got him going. She rarely sucks me and when she does, I know she is only doing it for me and doesnt get anything out of it, but she was moaning and working his cock and really turning me on.

I had always dreamed about watching my wife in a porno and here it was happening. When she climbed up on him, he ran his big black cock back and forth on her pussy lips and clit and really had her wet and turned on. I was so hard in my clothes I decided to unbutton my jeans and unzip a little. When he went in her pussy, she gasped and moaned and I was so turned on I pulled my much smaller dick out and started jerking it but trying not to alert them as to what i was doing.

After a few mins, my wife looked back at me, almost as though she forgot about me for awhile and saw me jerking myself. She smiled and layed on top of him, kissing and riding him and she spread her leggs wide to give me a show. That was all i could take and I started to cum and shot my cum in my palm. I must have been breathing a bit heavy cause she was still spred on top of him, laying on his chest but looking at me as I came.

I was embarrased and wanted to disappear but still couldnt pull Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male? from watching this hung black guy filling my wife. They went on awhile abd tried different positions and I did feel that this is what she really wants and he is very much satisfying her sexual needs that I always thought I satisfied but was realizing I wasnt even close.

It was an incredible night for all of us, but mostly for my wife. I had never seen her have so many orgasms and orgasms like she didnt have with me.

Now I know my place and accept that I am a beta sissy hubby and wear panties as per her request to show my obedience and role as her hubby but not her sexual lover. We watch mild porn and she def gets turned when watching well hung black men with white women. I think she is unsure about my reaction so she has not really talked about it. When I get her on the site she will be surprised when I tell her my fantasies. As a result of my prodding and encouragement to have sex with another man after several years my lovely wife Janet surrendered to another guy at a swingers club where we were members.

This allowed my wife the opportunity to realize that sex with another man could be quite an enjoyable experience. Today my wife and I have a relationship with an African American male who I met online. Carl is unbelievably well-endowed and touches nerves in my lovely wife that I never will. It is definitely a win-win situation and occasionally she brings me into their relationship.

It took over a year for me to get her pregnant, even with ovulation monitors, doctors, vitamins and I knew she did not want to go thru that aggravation and frustration again. We started to talk about adoption, and as we spoke I had said that I thought it could be a good option, and I really would not care about gender or race, and that I would be able to love that child the same Whats the difference between a beta male and an alpha male?

the one we have, and I really mean that. She agreed and we left it at that, and option. Today I was thinking about it, and realized that I would be able to care and love for her child if my wife were to get pregnant by another man. With her getting older and with my almost useless dick, her cuckolding me would not only let her have the pleasure she deserves, but could give her the second child she seems to want, from a real man that could deliver a load directly into her womb, not at the entrance to her vaginal canal like me.

If the father was a black stud, I think it would be so powerful to put me firmly and very publicly in the Beta role I am starting to understand I belong in.

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