Question: What is the meaning of ruqia in Urdu?

(Ruqaiya Pronunciations) It is derived either from Arabic رقى (ruqia) meaning rise, ascent or from رقية (ruqyah) meaning spell, charm, incantation.

What is the meaning of name ruqia?

rise or ascend From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ruqayya (Arabic: رقيّة‎) is an Arabic female given name meaning spell, enchantment, or incantation. It is not to be confused with a separate Arabic term Ruqia from Arabic رقى (ruqia) which means to rise or ascend.

How can I write ruqia in Urdu?

Ruqya is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Ruqya name meanings is Charm, spell. Ruqya is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as رقیہ, रूक्या, رقية, রুক্য়া.

What is the meaning of Abdulhafeez?

servant of the Guardian Abdul Hafiz or Abdul Hafeez (Arabic: عبد الحفيظ‎) is a Muslim male given name, and in modern usage, surname. It is built from the Arabic words Abd, al- and Hafiz. The name means servant of the Guardian, Al-Hafīz being one of the names of God in the Quran, which give rise to the Muslim theophoric names.

What is the meaning of Irfan in Urdu?

Muslim Meaning: The name Irfan is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Irfan is: Thankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom.

What does Rukia mean in Islam?

Rukia is Arabic/Muslim Girl name and meaning of this name is Rue, Rise, Ascending.

What is the meaning of Rukayat?

Rukayat is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Rukayat name meanings is One who Allah loves.

What is the meaning of afeez in Islam?

Afeez is Muslim name which means - A Path To Paradise.

What is the meaning of Azeez in Islam?

Aziz in Arabic is derived from the root ʕ-z-z with a meaning of strong, powerful and the adjective has acquired its meaning of dear, darling, precious. It is a cognate of Hebrew oz עוז meaning might, strength, power. The Semitic word refers to the power and glory of deities and kings.

What is the meaning of Ifran?

Muslim. Gender. Boy. Meaning. Ifran means one with an identity

What is the meaning of Zainab?

fragrant flower Zaynab, also spelled as Zainab, Zayneb, Zeinab, Zenab, Zineb, Zinab, Zaineb, Zaneb (Arabic: زينب‎, [ˈzeːnæb, ˈziːnæb, ˈzajnab]) is an Arabic female given name meaning fragrant flower. ... Bosnian forms of the name are Zeineb, Zejneb and Zejneba. Turkish form of the name is Zeynep. Somali form of the name is Seynab.

What does the name Fatima mean?

From the Arabic meaning abstain, meaning chaste or motherly. Fatima Zahra was the daughter of Islamic prophet Muhammad and his wife Khadija.

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What is the meaning of ruqia in Urdu?

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What is the meaning of ruqia in Urdu?

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What is the meaning of ruqia in Urdu?

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