Question: Do cheaters participants get paid?


According to The Cinemaholic, several people who were featured on the show were interviewed and they said that they were given $400 a day to appear on the program, the Houston Press reports.

Do cheaters participants get paid?

Fox's long-running cooking competition series is back for its nineteenth season, and it's as good as it has ever been. The contestants are all top-notch, as well. Each season contestants leave their family, friends, and jobs behind for the chance to win Hell's Kitchen.

Do cheaters participants get paid?

Once in the competition, things aren't a walk in the park. Each week, fans see the brutal, fast-paced environment of the kitchen. Ramsay's high expectations and cutting insults Do cheaters participants get paid? add to the already stressful situation.

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But the show is even more stressful than what's shown. Corporate Executive Chef of Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant Group, U. I know that's the point and they want it to be this kind of pressure cooker that continues to build up, steam, steam, steam until eventually somebody's going to blow. Related: All the stress and hardship, however, certainly seems to be worth it. The contestants on Hell's Kitchen are compensated with a weekly salary. Shows that require contestants to perform specific talents, like cooking on Hell's Kitchen, for example, often pay more.

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Fox can certainly afford to pay their contestants. His celebrity draw is clearly a cash cow for the network. But don't worry, Ramsay, who has 35 restaurants world-wide, makes plenty of money for himself.

Ramsay is the king of Hell's Kitchen, but thankfully he seems to be a benevolent leader, at least when it comes to compensating his contestants.

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