Question: Who is the strongest Belmont?


1 Simon Belmont Simon is considered the strongest Belmont for the fact that he defeated Count Dracula not once but twice, with a severe injury handicapping him in the second battle. In Castlevania, Dracula seeing his imminent demise put a curse on Simon that was slowly killing him.

He also makes an appearance in Aria's direct sequel,where he joins and in an attempt to stop and her from reviving the once more. He is quiet, eloquent and thoughtful, despite his formidable power. Even when suffering his amnesia, he showed humility, simply shrugging dismissively when confusedly wonders how how he could have survived so deep into the castle. He is arguably the most serious that ever existed, having the high responsibility of being the first Belmont in two hundred years to slayand having to fight in the with the the world had ever seen.

This mindset remains even after he loses his memory, as well as when he ends up in inas he immediately knows that he must stop Dracula and his armies from returning at any cost. He also reminds Soma —someone he considers a friend— that should the latter become the reincarnation of Dracula, he will not hesitate to destroy him. This serious personality is also represented in his playstyle, as Julius only carries the strong and essential. When he hunts demons, he does not fool around.

During their vicious duel, Julius still shows restraint when battling Soma, as even after ostensibly defeating him, Soma mutters that he is fully aware that both the power of a vampire hunter, and indeed that Who is the strongest Belmont?

a Belmont no less, are much more than what was displayed in the battle. He expresses his support for Soma during his final battle againstshowing his layered and benovelent personality. Appearances During the events of Aria of Sorrow, Julius has had amnesia ever since his battle with in. Through some hidden intuition, he arrives at and begins searching it for clues of his identity. He later regains his memory and grows to suspect that it was in factnotwho was the reincarnation of Dracula, and goes off to find the whip of his lineage — used by him to help seal Dracula and his castle in the eclipse — to prepare for the inevitable conflict between him and Soma, should Soma succeed in defeating Graham and regaining Dracula's power.

Just as he predicts, Soma does indeed regain Dracula's power and the two engage in battle right before Soma enters the to sever Dracula's ties with the Chaos that fed him. Despite being at full strength, Julius was defeated by Soma, who realized that Julius had intentionally held back.

This was because Julius could sense Soma's pure soul fighting back the dark influence of Dracula's power Who is the strongest Belmont? desired to help him fulfill his quest to rid himself of that influence.

Before they parted, Soma made Julius promise to finish the job that their fight had started, should he fail. Should the player fail in defeating the final boss,Soma sits upon the throne in the castle, drinking from a goblet containing a liquid of blood red color. Julius enters and says that he will make good on his promise.

Soma rises and it is assumed that the two do battle. The canonical ending, however, is that Soma defeats Chaos and preserves his humanity. Julius is one of the three enemies in the game that does not give anyalong with and. As an enemy, all of Julius's don't have the element. This is possibly because Julius doesn't attack Soma seriously, right after the battle. However, Julius cannot acquire or new weapons, and in Aria of Sorrow he Who is the strongest Belmont?

levels up. Instead, his individual stats can be increased by collecting the from bosses, which increases Julius's, and. This makes the game overall somewhat more difficult compared to the base game, but can become even harder should the player choose to Who is the strongest Belmont? past bosses using the high jump, double jump, or slide to break sequence. Main article: In Dawn of Sorrow, Julius comes to the reflection of Dracula's castle along with and in order to stopthe leader of a shadow cult known asfrom reviving the.

Julius encourages Soma to leave the castle, due to the fact he may succumb to his dark nature. Soma refuses and Julius accepts his determination. He then makes a massive leap across the chasm and continues down the bridge on the other side.

Who is the strongest Belmont?

The next encounter with Julius occurs in thewhere Julius is examining a barrier that has been formed in that location. When Soma asks Julius whether he can break the barrier, Julius says that he can, but it would drain his powers immensely. He then asks Soma about his current investigation through the castle and Soma reveals Celia's plan to revive the Dark Lord via defeating Soma with one of theor.

Julius leaves to search for Arikado, with whom he will confer on this matter. Shortly after Soma enters theJulius enters along with Arikado to confront Celia.

Celia is Who is the strongest Belmont?, as she has finished bonding the soul of a powerful flame demon to Dario's soul, granting him vastly increased powers. Arikado instructs Julius to follow Dario and Who is the strongest Belmont?

will pursue Celia. Evidently, Julius did battle Dario, but was defeated due to his inability to use a. Because he could not use a Magic Seal, Dario simply gathered more dark energy from the gates of darkness in the castle and renewed his health, something he could do indefinitely. Soma arrives to save Julius and Dario retreats, but reveals to Soma the location of their final battle at. Julius explains to Soma why he lost, but Soma asks him whether he had faced enemies that regenerated before; Julius revealed he had, but he had destroyed them before they could regenerate.

Due to Dario's powers and the gates of darkness, however, this tactic was impossible. Julius then sends Soma off to stop Dario, saying his flame powers are immense, but Soma should have the necessary power to stop him. Near the end of the game, Julius converses with Arikado next to the barrier he originally claimed he could break while Soma enters. Although Julius is reluctant to use so much power, as it will leave him unable to continue the fight, Arikado convinces him that his power is the only Who is the strongest Belmont?

to pierce the barrier. Julius relents and uses his full power to break the barrier, and following the ordeal, ends up exhausted. He then tells Soma the pains of age and asks him to pursue Celia and Dmitrii through the newly opened passageway.

Julius's last scene in the game takes place after Soma has defeated the final opponent,and escaped the castle along with Arikado. He laughs with the other characters as they poke fun at Soma and as if they were together. Main article: was released as a downloadable character in Harmony of Despair. He uses the as his primary and only weapon. Despite sharing the main weapon and some sub-weapons withJulius has a different playstyle. He can whip in all eight directions, similarly to in ; in addition, his whip range is longer and his attack speed is greater than Jonathan's.

If the player found a copy with Jonathan already, Julius has access to that as well.

The 10 Most Powerful Characters in Castlevania Netflix, Ranked

Julius has access to twoand. Again, if the player found a copy of the Uppercut with Jonathan, it already can be used with Julius. The Belmont's uppercut deals less damage and hits only directly above Julius. His second martial art is based off of the teleport move used in. Julius, in terms of raw damage, is able to do more than Jonathan both with whip and sub-weapons.

Other appearances In Otomedius Excellent set Who is the strongest Belmont? 2011Julius has a sister calledwho wants to become a vampire hunter after she graduates from St.

Gradius Academy and high school in Japan. She is in the first year of high school there, putting her around 15 years of age, meaning she was born in late 1995. Kokoro journeys along with and the other members of the to prevent the invasion of the from dooming the Earth. It is possible that this journey also brings her to. Given that this happens a few years before theit is theoretically possible that Kokoro is at least a half-sister to Julius, if not a full one.

Inhe is 56 according to the instruction booklet, which indicates he was born in 1980. This would place him at age 19, the exact same age as his ancestor at the time ofin the battle of.

Who is the strongest Belmont?

This last fact should be kept in mind because, like the other Belmonts, he was at his prime during his biggest adventure, but the battle of 1999, referred to as thehas not yet been made into a game. Thus, when the prophecy Who is the strongest Belmont? the castle appearing in 2035 and the in 2036 Who is the strongest Belmont? the world, he was forced to go back into battle himself. This most likely means that Julius is the strongest of his time 1999~2035while Richter was the strongest of his time 1792~1797.

Upon entering, the player will encounter Julius. After a brief conversation, he will initiate the battle. Julius Belmont is one of the most powerful and difficult bosses in Aria of Sorrow. He has high andhis attack and defense are well balanced, and his speed is quite fast.

Notably, he Who is the strongest Belmont? also resistant to many elements. In particular, his resistance against the element will render thewhich is one of the best weapons in the game, almost useless; but likewise, significantly weak against the. Compared to other bosses in the game, Julius has a lot of characteristic moves in his arsenal, making the battle quite tricky. The music that plays during this battle is from the originalmixed with from.

It deals heavy damage and reaches far. He can perform this attack while standing, crouching, or jumping. All of these traits make this move very deadly, although it is just a regular attack. During this move, he is completely incorporeal and thus cannot be damaged in any way.

When Julius takes enough damage, he will move to the central portion of the room. He will slowly rise up in the air while pulling toward him.

Who is the strongest Belmont?

The castle in the background starts to shake and it gradually falls apart piece by piece. Julius then unleashes in a gigantic blast of divine energy, inflicting severe damage on Soma for a total of seven consecutive hits.

Because Soma flinches when damaged, and he is constantly pulled toward Julius, it is highly likely that once Soma is hit, he will receive all the remaining hits. Julius then comes back to the floor, starting the second phase of Who is the strongest Belmont? battle. Who is the strongest Belmont? phase During the second phase of the battle, Julius uses all of the moves in the first phase. In addition, he gains three more moves, all of which are of a vampire hunter.

Another notable thing is that the background changes slightly: bits and pieces of the castle destroyed by the Grand Cross fall endlessly in the back, until the battle is over. He then throws a cross that travels forward, stops for a moment and then travels back. If Julius catches it, it will disappear. If he doesn't, it will travel to the end of the screen.

Most powerful Belmont : castlevania

Keep in mind that one cannot dodge the cross by crouching. He then throws a red axe in a large arc. It deals harsh damage, but strikes only once.

He then throws a vial of holy water that causes holy flames to erupt on the spot. It covers a wide area and it strikes multiple times. Julius implied that he was able to do so by destroying them before they could reconstitute themselves with Soma believing this to be impossible. However, there is no confirmation whether this is true or not.

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