Question: How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

14-day Quarantine Package Price: m) 32,000 THB per person.

How much is Thailand quarantine hotel?

2. BelAire Bangkok SukhumvitStandard PackageRoom CategoryPrice (THB) per personAdditional person / THBGrand Deluxe Room (36 Sq.m)41,900.-THB24,000.-THBTribeca Deluxe Room (36 Sq.m)(best view)42,900.-THB20,000.-THBBelAire Suite (45 Sq.m.)47,900.-THB14,000.-THB9 more rows

How much does it cost to quarantine in Bangkok?

All new arrivals to Thailand (unless they are travelling via the Phuket Sandbox) must quarantine for the first 14 nights of their trip in an Alternative State Quarantine Hotel in Bangkok where they are not allowed to leave until cleared of COVID-19. The hotels cost around $50-100 US per night.

How much does it cost to quarantine in Phuket?

14-day Quarantine Package Price: 70,000 THB per person. Junior Suite (65 sq. m.) 100,000 THB per 2 persons.

How many nights quarantine in Thailand?

15 nights The period of your stay must be 15 nights as mandated by the Thai Ministry of Public Health. This period may be subject to change, as advised from time to time by the Thai Ministry of Public Health.

Can you drink alcohol in ASQ Thailand?

Is alcohol Allowed at the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)? When you stay at the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ), the Property will not be providing alcohol to your room. in addition to that, you will not be allowed to bring with you alcoholic beverages from Outside.

How long can I stay in Thailand for?

60 days You must enter Thailand within the validity of visa. However, the permitted length of stay is up to 60 days from the date of arrival in Thailand. Travellers should carefully check the immigration stamps in their passports regarding the exact length of stay to ensure that they do not overstay their visa.

Can you quarantine at home in Thailand?

In the case of Thai citizens, they must implement self-quarantine at his/her residence or designated areas (as determined by the Thai government), in which a Proof-of-Address document in Thailand can be provided to the officers.

Who pays for quarantine hotel in Thailand?

All ASQ bookings are paid for by the traveler. Properties that have been approved for ASQ by Thailands Ministry of Public Health are now offering packages that can be easily booked online. These ASQ packages include accommodation, 3 meals per day, two COVID-19 tests, airport transfers, and more.

Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Thailand?

As long as your girlfriend checks in with you same time usually not a problem. Unmarried couples check into rooms without question all the time.

Is ASQ mandatory in Thailand?

Thailand ASQ is a period of mandatory quarantine accommodation for arriving international visitors at government-accredited hotels. All ASQ bookings are paid for by the traveler.

What is self-quarantine?

People who have been exposed to the new coronavirus and who are at risk for coming down with COVID-19 might practice self-quarantine. Health experts recommend that self-quarantine lasts 14 days. Two weeks provides enough time for them to know whether or not they will become ill and be contagious to other people.

Do Thai nationals have to quarantine?

FOR BANGKOK (THAI NATIONALS) All passengers from the UK or Ireland, must quarantine for 14 days/15 nights. Passengers must book their stay at Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotels, at their own expense, for the quarantine period. ... Each passenger must register and apply individually.

Is Phuket safe for couples?

So with everything in mind, Phuket is definitely a pretty safe place to visit. Your main worries will be pickpocketing and getting too much sun!

Can unmarried couples quarantine together in Thailand?

Yes. A copy of the couples marriage certificate must be submitted when making the Government-approved quarantine package reservation. ... A copy of the parents marriage certificate must be submitted when making the Government-approved quarantine package reservation. Can friends or unmarried couples share a hotel room?

How much is a 1 year visa to Thailand?

However, you can expect to pay approximately: 2,000 Thai Baht for a single-entry Non-Immigrant Visa with three-months validity. 5,000 Thai Baht for a multiple-entry Non-Immigrant Visa with one-year validity.

How do I get a one year visa for Thailand?

To qualify for this visa, you must have stayed in Thailand for 3 consecutive with the one-year-visa extensions. If you are married to a Thai for 5 years, you must be earning 30,000 Baht/month. If you are single, at least your monthly income should be 80,000 Baht.

What happens if you marry a Thai citizen?

Thai law provides an expedited path to citizenship for those who have deep connections to the country through marriage. Put simply, you can apply for citizenship without first having to hold Thai Permanent Residency for five years. ... Are married to a Thai citizen.

Vaccinated travelers are now allowed to visit Thailand freely, without the need to quarantine. There are currently no exemptions. What Must the Insurance Cover? How Long will this Requirement Last? At the present time there is no end date, although one would assume it is likely to be a requirement throughout 2022. Why Does Thailand Require This Cover? The official line is to help visitors avoid having to pay bills out of their own pocket, which makes sense. But I think we all know that the authorities fear that hospitals will end up picking up expensive bills for those who become ill with infection and can't pay.

And that can become very expensive. Can I Use My Normal Travel Insurance Instead? Many people have existing travel insurance as part of a bank account benefits package or medical insurance policy, which may not cover hospitalization due to Covid. If this is the case you will need to buy an additional policy.

Where Can I Buy an Insurance Policy? The insurance can be purchased online and begins immediately upon arrival in Thailand. The best place to buy a policy is. The good news is that it is How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? expensive, though age and health status will determine the overall cost. Of course this is something none of us want to pay, but if you're desperate to get back to Thailand, then you'll How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

pleased to know that a policy isn't out of financial reach for most. Let's have a look at a quote I got based on a 90-day stay. I entered my age as 54 years old 1966, the year England won the world cupand as traveling from the United Kingdom. The policy came in at just under 6,000 Baht.

How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

If you're lucky enough to be in your 20's and from a low risk country, you'll be looking at around 1,500 — 2,000 cheaper than my quote for 90 days. Yes, just recently more policies have been added to cover those in higher age brackets. Policies range from 30-days to a year. My quote was for 90 days, but simply select the duration you expect to stay for in the drop down menu on the quote form.

How Does Immigration Know I Have Purchased My Policy? You may also need to show it to immigration when entering Thailand. Keep a print out and a copy on your phone, just to make sure you don't leave home without it. What Other Requirements Are How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? to Enter? The Pass must be applied for at least 7 business days before you fly. Only once approved will you be able to travel.

The full entry requirements are detailed. They offer comprehensive, cross-territory cover, and therefore it is more expensive. The only other policy requirement, which is mostly standard anyway, is that the policy must allow for direct billing, which means the hospital can send bills straight to your insurer. That was dropped to 50k and then again to what it is now, which is 10k. Regardless, most policies will cover in and out patient for 100k anyway. Hmmm, this may unfortunately be what I feared and mentioned back in 2021.

I had a message from Japan back then from someone saying he'd been asked for the insurance on a Non O. He sent me the requirements and it was true. I heard from a couple of others around the world in the months that followed. At the time I wrote this. I just checked some other embassies like Chicago, Oslo, and Jakarta and they don't have this requirement. Has anyone else following this comments section encountered this?

Philip - Something got lost in the mail. Pro Tip: don't click on the green boxes, click on the blue text. Plus, even if I trashed that application and reapplied, the mistakes followed the new one! Trying to speak with an Embassy representative has been a real challenge Very Confused. I'm 70 will be 71 in June. Many Insurance companies have age limitations on both short term and long term medical insurance in Thailand.

My sense is that 80 is the absolute cut off in terms of age. My feedback from friends in Thailand now is that 3 months is the maximum coverage period you can get if you are older than 70. It's best to avoid the O-A route and its mandatory insurance rule and instead go down the Non Immigrant O route, which avoids the mandatory insurance.

Here is the struggle and others have also mentioned this. I have Thai health insurance which covers covid, but I cannot get the company to send me a one-page letter saying so; apparently, when you are asked to send proof of insurance for a Thailand Pass, they ask for a one-page document.

Does anybody have a bright idea of how to work around this, else it means buying a new policy just to come back in, which seems like a huge waste of time and money? JamesE I contacted hotel day 5 quarantine package to inquire about a refund due to the goal posts moving again. I won't be taking up there offer to check in earlier either.

No point taking unnecessary risks with a hotel stay. Talking about anything How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

regurgitated in the media will get me censored so I'll just say, They know this thing has run its course but have refused to see it's now hurting them. I'm in the same boat. Arriving next week fully booked for the old plan. Contact your hotel and see what their refund policy is for a change in entry rules. Mine said - before I booked - if the rules change then no problem for a refund.

My big concern is whether a new Thailand Pass and hotel confirmation will be needed. I've got an email out to my hotel to find out. Clifford, I've said this before. Like you, I have very strong views on these matters, but this isn't the forum to debate these issues.

There are numerous Facebook and Twitter threads and other health-related forums to do this. I respect your opinions, but I don't want a post about travel to Thailand hi-jacked by an intense debate about lab vs.

How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

I debate these things with my friends all the time and I oppose censorship, but this simply isn't the place for that, I'm sorry. I'll not bring up truths here and I appreciate you at least taking the time to address my observation. As far as fb or twatter being bastions for lively debate on this topic, this is contrary to any fact.

How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

Censorship has never enjoyed as much room to stomp as it does on these platforms. Since I am staying long term in Thailand, I cant buy insurance just to last me for my trip and back. Do you know what type of covid health insurance I would have to take out and how much would it cost? Hi Craig, you would need to buy the insurance to re-enter.

I've had type 1 diabetes since age 3, I'm 56 years old, I run 5 miles, 3 times a week, lift weights and cross train, I'm a vegetarian and would put my conditioning against any type 2 diabetic on the planet yet.

Type 2 diabetes develops after a lifetime of indulgence and sedimentary lifestyle. Type 2 diabetics are literally morbidly obese persons living a sedimentary lifestyle with no exercise or health consciousness. This prejudice is as as nonsensical as it is medically inaccurate. Is there anything that can be done to help me obtain a sound evaluation? Opinions would be greatly appreciated by a slightly paranoid tourist Don't be paranoid.

There will be no fudging. Which way you choose to go doesn't matter. Hi James: thanks for all your hard work and valuable info in this site. What would our return entry requirements be at this point? Are you hearing about any further loosening of the re entry rules?

Thanks so much Gee, thanks. I'm just a stiff with too much time on his hands and a bizarre affection for the workings of the Thai bureaucracy. Any information you get now will be wrong; maybe a little or maybe wrong at a Biblical scale. Right now they're still making up their minds on what's going to change for March which is next week. I would always advise a flexible attitude with traveling to and from Thailand right now.

Make your plans and be ready to deal with both the worst case scenario: 14-day quarantine, or the best: free entry for vaccinated individuals. Trying to pick what will actually be happening months out would be like trying to forecast the weather that far away. I have a question about medical insurance in general and not just the additional covid coverage. I have had to How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? to the hospital twice since returning to Thailand once by ambulance and yet nobody has ever asked for my insurance information.

And when I tried to give them my information they seemed to have no interest in it. What is the point of having insurance if I still have to pay cash for every hospital visit? And even if there is a high deductible on my policy how will they know when my deductible has been met if the hospitals are not taking down my insurance information?

My advice is as follows: Be sure and put your insurance company on notice! So, it is important that your Covid insurance policy covers all these eventualities and that the hospital claims against the insurer not you. I would like to know. I read this today but I think this article is based on reports of cases in late 2021.

Phuket, for example, now make provision for isolation in a hotel room for asymptomatic infections. Hotels with more than 100 rooms will set aside 10% for Covid-positive asymptomatic guests who choose to self-isolate at a hotel rather than in a field hospital. But yes, always check your policy. Hello, I've lived in Thailand since 2011 and have a wife and daughter that I haven't seen since the ridiculous plandemic was released in 2019. I have type 1 diabetes and cannot find an insurance company that will cover me because of this.

It's been medically established for over 70 years the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. These differences are not only blatantly obvious but medically significant. I was born with a pancreas that wouldn't produce enough insulin. I'm healthy, not overweight and run 5 miles 3 times a week, follow a strict diet and have been a vegetarian for the last 9 years. Type 2 is developed over a lifetime of unhealthy living, overeating, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle choices.

A person developing type 2 diabetes is extremely obese and unhealthy on a grand sale. Can you direct me to a competent insurance company? Appears Mister Prakan has finally changed their info. Have the kinks been sorted out for the Thailand Pass system yet; hoping to apply near the end of Nov. Double check with the embassy, but as I understand it, it's for the length of your stay. If you had proof of an outbound flight after, say, 90 days, you could just get coverage for that period.

I have just been recently a few weeks. The insurance I had here expired last year since I was planning on going back pretty soon anyway. My sister has been extremely busy trying to find out what we can do about insurance in the short term as will need to start Chemotherapy immediately while she has just paid for Blue Shield but they will not start my policy until January. I will need another How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? done next week to remove a.

So I will need to How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? doctors immediately after arrival. What do think about what kind of insurance I might be able to get with a Thai company? I m sure you understand why I would rather do business with a Thai company than an American one.

The fees are outrageously expensive. I will greatly appreciate your assistance. Last week the cost was ฿2,000 for a same day test. Many would also exclude pre-existing conditions. I will definitely go there. It really is such a big problem to have to worry about showing proof of covid status within 24 hours of boarding plane at 10 pm Thursday night.

Also some Thai-English phrase books like Lonely Planet and Berlitz. Hi Noel, I'm deeply sorry to hear about your health. I hope your trip goes smoothly and you get into treatment quickly.

There are a few second hand bookshops around, one called Dasa Cafe on Sukhumvit Road. Do a quick Google and you'll come across them. Other than that, you might try some expat Facebook groups. But they told me that they cannot afford to buy any any books this week!! But a bit too late for me. Also: Another big problem is that Biden How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

announced that we must have Covid test within 24 hours of boarding. Do you have a suggestion for where would be the most convenient one-day service?

I have been quoted 70000 baht at pacific cross but the cover is only 400000 baht max. I don't think the resulting premium will be much more. Yes, you can enter on the Non O and go down the extension route.

That is the better option. I am happy to get coverage but perhaps someone can explain to me how to do this when they need a local Thai address in order to apply for the insurance but to make a reservation at an hotel in order to have an address the hotel wants proof of covid insurance first.

This is what is known as a catch22. Will I have to pay the difference or is the How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? of purchase decisive? I was concerned,however,that health insurance requirements would prevent the extension. I How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? pleased to say that the advice you have was correct and the renewal was successful for another year. Thank you for the first class service and interesting facts given on your blog.

I would add that readers need to keep themselves up to date,especially with the continuing changes to requirements by the Thai authorities. Our plan was 6 months there with the family and here but Covid blocked that 2+ years ago. I'm researching the medical insurance but the one Cigna quote so far was pretty steep. Chiang Rai doesnt seem to get mentioned in any posts, what colour zone is it presently and where can I find out please.

Dont want to have to transfer to Don Meuang. Any advice, help comments would be welcome. Any seniors in Thai intereted in regular eamil communication? I have loved my time in Thailand. The people are friendly and the children more respectful.

Unfortunately I have to leave as my age and health prevent me getting the mandatory covid insurance. I hope not many of you have the same problem, Most of all I will miss my dear wife. I will not go into how I feel. I thank all of the neighbours who I will also miss, I have to say I really feel for people in your situation. But then again I would personally never marry a Thai women in Thailand without having some kind of plan B in place.

Knowing that I was nothing more than a guest in someone else country and could therefore be forced out at any time I would have a discussion with my future wife as to what our contingency plans would be should I have to leave Thailand. For example, I would have to make sure she would be okay with moving permanently to another country.

The point is we would discuss all these possibilities before tying the knot to make sure that I would not one day have to abandon her the way one might abandon a pet cat when moving to a new city and not being able to find any apartments that accept pets. For example they could allow those who have the means to get a surety bond for 400,000 baht in lieu of a medical insurance policy. Not that this is an ideal option of course. I thought that you were simply quarantined to the island.

Is this no longer the case? Either way, if I had been forced to live apart from my girlfriend for a substantial length of time due to getting an overseas job, or whatever, I could personally not think of a better place to reunite than Phuket. People who have done this have faced stiff penalties. All of the hallways are under video surveillance.

In the good old days you were allowed out of your room for some time to stretch your legs. Many hotels allowed multiple people to congregate at a distance. That all stopped with the new rules implemented in May. I have read the posts here a few times and am still confused as to the procedures and timeline for returning to Thailand.

This will be renewed in July next month along with a Permission to Return document. Does it depend where I'm transiting? Are these two completely separate things? Can I apply online with them? Any idea of the wait time to ensure I have it in time? Will I get the certificate before the start date showing when it will be active? Obviously the less the better. What is the best order to get all this done? Do a search for Dr.

You should have no problem with a delayed start date on your insurance. The other item of concern is how you get back. Things will change in the 5-6 weeks you are gone but right now some countries Taiwan, e. For some reason I had not even considered the blaringly obvious possibility that some countries might not be accepting transit passengers. And since 90 percent of the flights I have taken in and out of Thailand over the years have gone through Taiwan this could turn out to be a big problem.

By the way, has anyone heard anything about the possibility of booster shot requirements in the future? I was vaccinated 3 months ago and by the time I plan to return to Thailand Phuket it will be about 7 months since my vaccination. That vaccination gave me severe flu like symptoms for about 24 hours so I would really prefer not to have to get another one before my trip.

Of course things are looking so overly complicated right now - and it would be so easy to miss something or for something to change last minute - that I may just postpone my move until next year which could also push me past the 12-month mark since How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

was last vaccinated. My suggestion is just be prepared to be unprepared. I have been in Thailand on and off since 2011 and am now currently married to a Thai. As I am older and an American I have not been able to procure a Covid vaccine. Another issue that you should be aware of is domestic travel.

Just one note on that: If the Phuket Sandbox How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? goes ahead as planned tomorrow, after the 14 day period - provided you test negative - foreign nationals can travel anywhere in the country, so there would be no need for any local quarantine. You would only have to abide by local restrictions.

This Sandbox model, if successful, will be rolled out in other areas. Right, there could be local restrictions. But my point is you won't need to quarantine anywhere, though in dark red provinces bars and nightlife may be closed and masks would need to be worn in public.

That said, one would assume one would plan one's travels outside of the more heavily restricted areas. Low-risk areas according to the Public Health Ministry as of mid-June are Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Brunei, Cambodia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominica, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Luxembourg, Macao, Malta, Monaco, Morocco, Mauritius, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Registration is available at coethailand. Those staying in Thailand for fewer than 14 days are not allowed to travel elsewhere within Thailand.

In case of a stay in Thailand for 10-14 days, a second test is required on either the 6th or 7th day, with the third test to be conducted on either the 12th or 13th. All test-related expenses are to be paid by the travellers. Does anyone know why calling the Thai Consulate in Los Angels won't connect? Is there another phone service besides a straight out international call from my provider here? They may contract the virus but the symptoms are so small that treatment at a hospital will not be needed.

Unless there are severe underlying conditions as the root cause. In which case the insurance won't cover pre-existing Why can't those in charge of making these requirements see the futility of some of their policies? Yes, that is the number I have. Just tried again and it went through but was not able to get a live person on the phone.

Don't think they will return a voice message to me at my Thai number. This whole thing of going to get vaccinated is looking not only very expensive but very frustrating to return. I'm re-thinking of even going at this point.

What is the best guestimate of when us expats can get vaccinated here in Thailand? Since you will get stamped in for a full year on your return, that would be your outside requirement. There are no clear rules I've seen covering your situation. I think I'm clear on what I need How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? the order I need them is coming together.

I tried to call them but the call would not go through on Skype. That would be valid until the end of Oct but run the risk How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? it expiring if I have to stay more than 8 weeks or have any delays.

There is talk of ending the Quarantine altogether for arrivals after Oct 1. Any news on this one way or the other? I planned on returning around Oct 3-5. Can I do this online? Any Help would be appreciated. You can then extend your stay at an immigration office for a further 30 days for 1,900 Baht provided extensions are being offered at that time. What beach are you staying near? The devil is in the details so prepare yourself for some unexpected things that are not being blared from the rooftops.

Second - you will be stuck in your hotel for at least 3 days waiting for your first test to come back. You'll be providing most of your own food from the hotel menu. That hasn't been mentioned anywhere. You will be tracked with the MorChana app on your phone. Fourth - if you mess up, there will be penalties.

It's definitely an eyes-wide-open situation. It's still very fluid and they will take a while to iron out all the kinks. In any event, please report back as your journey takes shape. It will help a lot of people. Just to clarify on a few of those points based on information sent to me this week. A test on arrival, a test on day 5, and a test on day 12 or 13. After day 14 you can travel How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

in Thailand. It's 4 tests if you count the one you need if your hoe country before you leave. Rapid tests are available from hospitals, clinics, and private labs in Phuket. Arrival When you arrive you will have a test.

You will then be taken to your hotel to await the outcome of the test. This may take up to 12 hours. Once you have the all clear you can go anywhere in Phuket. There is no need to stay in your hotel for 2 or 3 days. You won't need to wear a facemask on the beach. You will have to observe any local rules that may be in place which include wearing a mask in taxis and minibuses and malls. Okay, Rapid tests weren't indicated in the stories out this morning.

That would definitely save a few Baht. With no test to leave Phuket that only reduces the number to 5, the four you mention plus the one in your home country needed to board an international flight. Hopefully the final-final rules will be published soon. Planning and uncertainty are not good companions.

Tricare requires you go to a military hospital or clinic for non-emergency care. When you're under quarantine the facility you're in is tied directly to a private hospital.

Best bet is to contact Tricare and find How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?. I've been in Thailand since Jan. Will I need this travel insurance to come back? And, unfortunately, the process is enforced at every step along the way. If you don't have the necessary paperwork to get into your destination country, airlines won't even let you board. The Thai law states that I do not need to get Covid insurance as I have coverage under my Thai spouse.

I will let the Thai Embassy deal with this. However if it comes to buying Covid insurance coverage only this website is run by a consortium of Thai insurers and offers coverage up to age 99. The rate for Covid only coverage is reasonable. Something to be aware of; If you have a positive Covid test while in quarantine, even if you have mild symptoms or are completely asymptomatic, it is standard practice in Thailand to move you to a hospital to quarantine, based solely on the positive test.

If symptoms become more serious, they then would seek medical attention at a hospital. Standard single rooms at a hospital like Bumrungrad start at 12,850 Baht a night. I would imagine that the cost of a Covid isolation room could be considerably more. Just be sure that the coverage you choose will cover asymptomatic hospitalization for Covid. If you are ok paying out-of-pocket for those hospital expenses, then go for it. Personally, I will be getting separate Covid-coverage insurance which would cost roughly the same as one day at Bumrungrad Hospital.

Maybe best just to bite the bullet and get the thai insurance. I postponed my visit, because of the recent How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? there. Not due to fear of catching any virus, but because everywhere has closed down again, and I was concerned they might also introduce travel restrictions between provinces again.

I will wait until the lockdowns go away. Someone please straighten me out here. Even the small number of those who may exhibit some symptoms do not have to be hospitalized or have died from it. Potentially, but the jury is still out. Vaccines work by training your immune system to battle an infectious agent, they don't prevent you from getting infected. In some of How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? cases, infections occurred before the vaccine's immune system was fully activated.

Yes, it's possible, just like it's possible for lightning to strike twice in the same place to the same person.

But I wouldn't bet on it. What's lost in the discussion is the fact that the epidemiological data are all really tiny numbers. The studies are all pointing to vanishingly small chances for infection which would lead to an even smaller probability of transmission. But there are two factors at play.


First, the recent surge in Thailand seems to be traced to one person an itinerant nightclub worker of some kind who carried the virus in from Cambodia when they bypassed quarantine. I just read the Minister of Tourism has announced lots of luck that tourists my come into the country beginning April 1st with a vaccine and will only have to quarantine for 7 days and will be permitted to leave the hotel.

Since sanity seems to be returning to the government maybe including accelerated vaccines vaccines, maybe by July there won't be a need for quarantines, especially for vaccinated foreigners. The final rules have not been issued but my guess is that it will be a slight modification of the current entry requirements.

The fly in the vaccine, er. Right now, there are words saying that the country will be quarantine-free to the vaccinated by October floating around, as well as an Island Quarantine plan being floated for Koh Samui and Phuket.

And if this is the case all I can say is I very seriously doubt that the Thai government will still be requiring vaccinated covid negative tourist to quarantine at all by November. They may even lift the covid insurance requirements by then. As for the insurance, that is always going to be a problem for someone of your age, covid or no covid.

In any case if I were you I would look at this as an opportunity in that it might force you to explore some other tropical locals in Southeast Asia that you have never been to before — places like Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, etc.

If put in place this won't happen until July, so in due course we will know more details and whether the insurance will be needed for those who've had a vaccine. The problem is that there is no data on whether the vaccine is effective against other strains in particular and how long immunity lasts. There could be many variables.

For example it might be more effective in under 50s than over 70s. So until this is all clearer I think certain restrictions and regulations will remain. Since I would only spend 3 months in Thailand each year, it's clear that I will spend my 3 months elsewhere this summer. Does most travel insurance really not already cover death from disease? And if it does cover this do they seriously have a list of specific diseases that are covered and How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

that are not? And is the common flu on this list? Why would it focus on one of the least likely things to kill you? It just seems pretty silly to me. In any case, I will probably be getting my vaccination very soon. Or would this make too much sense? Not to mention that most people remain asymptomatic or with minor symptoms, and 99%+ of the population are unaffected. And the fact that it is still an evolving situation.

Insurance companies are probably fearful that it may suddenly become more serious, or a new strain may hospitalize more people all of a sudden, and they will have to pick up a huge tab for that. Going forward I'm sure we will see most insurance companies cover it as standard.

After all, we never did this for the tens of thousands who die of the flu in this country every year. So, where does one draw that line between safety and personal freedom in this case? Of course I would eventually learn that it has nothing to do with the How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? number of potential deaths. Having people die of covid is one thing, but if someone were to die due to there not being enough beds in the hospital it would open those hospitals and perhaps even the government up to lawsuits — not that the lockdown has not already triggering its own law suits.

Still, I can understand why many people think that governments are overreacting a bit to this pandemic its not like its Ebola. And this is indeed silly when you consider that there are over 20,000 traffic fatalities per year in Thailand but to date less than 100 people there have died of covid19.

Every case is a chance for it to mutate and each mutation is a chance for it to become still more contagious, infectious, or severe. All viruses mutate, though, and none of How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

mutations have showed increased mortality. I think the main issue is that the virus is highly infectious, and therefore has the potential to overwhelm a health system, which in turn means people with other health problems can't be treated as quickly or get the treatment they need for cancer, heart disease, etc.

But as you say, we just don't know because there is always the possibility that it could become more serious. The problem is that lockdowns are not a long-term solution. You can't lock-up healthy people and restrict their ability to work.

People are really suffering and health problems will arise as a result, not to mention loss of businesses, homes, family break-ups, kids having mental health issues and being denied education.

In fact if How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand? follows the trend of flu it will calm down when the warmer weather comes along - when people get outside more, have natural vitamin D exposure, exercise more, etc. The reality is that zoonotic diseases are a huge threat to the world. There are several coronaviruses in animals that haven't yet worked out how to jump to humans, but may one day.

What most people don't realise is that the threat is always there and being managed by public health experts. The thing is, the only way to drastically reduce the risk of such viruses is to change the way we interact with and eat animals. Unfortunately this isn't a conversation people want to have. Let's hope it stays that way. But rather than keep relying on vaccines, we need to look at sustainable change - and that comes down to human behaviour.

Anyway, it's a huge debate and probably one not best suited to a Thailand blog : Hi all, Mr Prakan read our discussion yesterday and reached out to me to clarify the position on testing positive without symptoms, which was previously wrongly conveyed. So in short, Yes our insurance will cover the hospital costs if they are moved to a hospital when they are tested positive for Covid while showing no symptoms. I just wanted to let you know and clarify that point with you. Just something to keep in mind when choosing covid coverage.

So they wont cover you if you test positive with no symptoms and have to go to hospital. But does the state then pick up the bill for the period you are kept in, which I assume is until you test negative? If not, I guess you're looking at somewhere between 1-3k per night depending on the hospital. My next question is what if you have symptoms and have to be admitted while under quarantine?

Surely that is precaution too? Are you not covered while under state quarantine at all, or just with no symptoms? If you're not Thai then you or your insurance are on the hook. But yes, you're right, once you've cleared quarantine then the local rules for self-isolation kick in. Prakan and Hey Mondo both have very good policies.

Mr Prakan tilts toward medical expenses and Hey Mondo tilts toward travel insurance. MisterPrakan is reassuring as it is definitely approved by the Thai government. All the rest should be as well but I'd check first. They should be but I think it's worth just getting that confirmation. I'd hate to get an over zealous immigration official at the other end insist that it has to be on the list. I get their updates and haven't seen it mentioned. Final Note: I bought a 1-year, multi-trip policy through Hey Mondo heymondo.

Hey Mondo provided a policy certificate specific to Thailand and also a general one. I did link to the site through traveloffpath.

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