Question: Which zodiac is sadistic?


1. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21) Just the most diabolical sign of the zodiac. Born sadistic, its not like these people need to be cajoled into doing dastardly things; theyre on it already.

But what the suits failed to provide, I am here to deliver. While thieves and killers Which zodiac is sadistic? the gamut and round out the zodiac wheel, there are certain qualities that lend themselves to deviant behavior. I would argue that and Midwestern pedigrees lead the charge when it comes to sadistic temperaments, and signs are most adept at talking themselves into plea deals.

Based on a personal penchant for men with neck tattoos, considerable astrological training and a teenage obsession with true crime documentaries, I bring you my list of the most dangerous zodiac signs, ranked from least to most.

Taurus Contrary toin my experience, a would rather masturbate and have a beach picnic than go to the trouble of murdering someone.

Taurus rules the of values and possessions, and the darkest expression of this energy is ruthless greed and absolute laziness. It is thus no surprise that infamous Ponzi schemer was born under the sign of the bull.

Which zodiac is sadistic?

Bernie Madoff Getty Images 11. Cancer Ruled by the moon, Cancer energy is associated with compassion, intuition and caretaking. At its darkest expression, it is emotionally manipulative and deluded when Which zodiac is sadistic? comes to self-reflection. For evidence, look no further than Cancer evangelistwho allegedly swindled legions of faith followers out of dollars and dignity by capable of divining and curing their medical conditions.

Beware false prophets and those born in early July. Libra Ruled bythe planet of love and beauty, feel entitled to the finer things in Which zodiac is sadistic? and exhibit no real motivation to toil for them. Renowned for prodigious charm and minimal work ethic, they prefer not to get their hands dirty or their feathers ruffled. After a string of arrests, including this one in 1965, her notoriety forced Doris Payne to take her thievery first to small towns and then Europe. Aries Flashy and brash, original and hard to ignore, Cardinal sign wants to be first and be seen.

Enter mob man, Aries and alleged assassin. The dude was allergic to keeping a low profile; he had a pet lion, celebrity pals, a penchant for quoting philosophy and died in a pinstriped suit on his 43rd birthday.

At its lowest vibration, Aries energy is utterly self-centered and randomly violent. Things are not right or wrong anymore. You judge it by results. Apex Aries on a bad day. Leo Vanity is a favorite sin, and many Which zodiac is sadistic? them will go to great lengths to preserve their looks. Perhaps no living lion has taken conceit further than Countess. Fearful that her beauty was on the decline, Báthory took to murdering local girls and consuming their blood, believing it contained the elixir of youth.

Definitely, but recent research suggests Liz may. Proving the point is scrappy Capricorn Al Capone, who was ordained by the city of Chicago.

Al Capone was dubbed Public Enemy No. Sagittarius Ruled by fun-loving, drunk-uncle planet and symbolized by the ever-seeking archer, is the sign of expansion, optimism and good luck. Exhibit A: Colombian drug lord, and notable Sagittarius Pablo Escobar. The man, the myth, the mustache created a vast narco empire, amassing a net worth that landed him on. As savage as he was successful, Escobar and his associates were responsible for the deaths of some and effectively turned his.

Demonstrative of Sagittarian ambition and delusional optimism, Escobar was not satisfied with his station as a drug lord and set his sights on a. Sagittarians tend to live by their own, oft-skewed moral code — and Escobar was no exception. Problematic but deeply beloved by his countrymen, some of whom still regard him as a folk hero — Escobarand built houses and sponsored medical procedures for the poor. Pablo Escobar in 1988 Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images 5. Scorpio is ruled by death-daddy planet and the darker expressions of the sign are paranoia, toxic sexuality, obsession, controlling tendencies and the pursuit of power at all costs.

Themes epitomized by failed folk musician turned death dealer.

Which zodiac is sadistic?

To add insult to fatal injury, Chuck had himself a messianic Aquarius making him all but destined to be a killer cult leader. Convicted murderer Charles Manson is shown in a file photo.

Aquarius Ruled byplanet of revolution and individualism, are the trailblazers of the zodiac. Could there be a more apropos surname for a woman who in her prime smuggled a ton and a half of cocaine per month into the United States? Described as — Which zodiac is sadistic?

adjectives for any Aquarius — Blanco conspired to kill not one but two of her husbands and once planned to kidnap John F. Gemini Which zodiac is sadistic? by the twins, is the sign of duality. These folks run hot and cold and never has the swing been more extreme than in the case of geisha, prostitute, convicted murderess and full-bore Gemini Sada Abe. After a weekend of vigorous, sex she asphyxiated her married lover using Which zodiac is sadistic?

own belt.

Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Likely They Are To Step On Your Heart

Afterward, she sipped beers, cuddled his corpse and — Gemini being the sign of written communication — carved her name into his arm and used the blood Which zodiac is sadistic? write a love note. Eventually, shecarrying it with her as a keepsake. Pisces A truly inordinate amount of famous death-dealers fall under the sign of the fish, including, but not limited to, theand. How does the most compassionate of signs end up with the densest concentration of killers?

The shadow side of this is a tendency to live beyond reason or reality. Pisces is ruled byplanet of dreams and delusions. At its most dangerous expression, Pisces energy is destructive, secretive and seriously pessimistic. Easily wounded, these people are prone to despair and the development of deep resentments that can fester into violent fantasies of revenge or domination. They tend to avoid confrontation and resist accountability, habits that support prolific killing careers.

Virgo takes the cake — nay, the corpse — for most dangerous sign of the zodiac. In my estimation Which zodiac is sadistic? are least likely to get caught in the act or in the aftermath of a crime. Their exacting, meticulous nature lends itself well to cover-ups and crime scene cleanup, while their energy makes adapting to stressors like guilt and regret a veritable breeze. Her horoscopes integrate history, poetry, pop culture and personal experience. She is also an accomplished writer who has profiled a variety of artists and performers, as well as extensively chronicled her experiences while traveling.

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