Question: Who was Stiles first kiss?

After three seasons of wishing, hoping and getting really, really tired of waiting, Teen Wolfs meant-to-be couple, Stiles (Dylan OBrien) and Lydia (Holland Roden), finally shared their first kiss.After three seasons of wishing, hoping and getting really, really tired of waiting, Teen Wolfs meant-to-be couple, Stiles (Dylan OBrien) and Lydia (Holland Roden

What episode does Stiles have his first kiss?

Both of Stiles and Lydias kiss scenes from Teen Wolf, season 3 episode 11 and season 6 episode 10. I do not own anything. All rights belong to their respective owners. This video is solely for entertainment purposes.

Who kissed Stiles?

In Riders on the Storm, Lydia and Stiles engaged in the second on-screen kiss. This was their first mutual kiss. Stiles and Lydia are now in love with each other.

Do Stiles and Derek kiss in the show?

5 moments of the entire series, in which Derek and Stiles cant do anything but kissing each other. A,k.a what happened on the show, that we didnt see. The first time happens almost by accident, as though some strange alignment of the planets has...

Did Scott and Stiles kiss?

Just as Stiles turned back around to check on Scott, he found the passenger door wide open and realized that Scott had turned once again. ... Allison ultimately found Scott in the locker room, having shifted himself back into human form once again, and the two began kissing until Allison had to leave to find her father.

Does Stiles and Derek date?

Although the relationship was non-canon, fans grew to love the scenes involving Stiles and Derek. ... The seeds of romance were a possibility as both Stiles and Derek also proved to be protective over one another, coming to each others rescue when most needed. Lets not forget their chemistry, which had a natural flow.

Is Stiles going to be a werewolf?

He doesnt become the Teen Wolf until he is bitten by an alpha werewolf. ... As well as the dangers that come from other werewolves and supernatural creatures. Along side him is his best friend Stiles Stilinski (played by Dylan OBrien), who despite not being a werewolf himself, helps Scott to navigate this new life.

Soap opera character Roger Stiles character Portrayed by Duration 2007—2008 First appearance 1 January 2007 Last appearance 8 October 2008 Classification Profile Occupation Roger Stiles, played byis a plumber who fixes 's heating in January 2007 when her boiler breaks down.

After they date twice in thehe invites Janice to go to France with him for a three-month holiday and she accepts. Janice returns alone in March and Roger returns two months later. In 2007, he invests Who was Stiles first kiss?

in Janice's stepdaughter 's restaurant. Janice and Roger begin living together after Roger struggles to pay his rent, as a result of his loan to Leanne, which she eventually pays back.

He saves the Barlows' kitchen roof when it is leaking in May 2008 and strikes up a friendship with. In early August 2008, he, Janice, and all embark on a holiday to France together, which ends in a minor car accident in which Roger suffers whiplash. It was announced in September 2008 that Roger would be leaving the show the following month. In October 2008, Roger finds out about Janice's Lottery scam after she is arrested by the police. Angry and ashamed with her actions, he packs up his van and leaves Janice.

Soap opera character Jodie Morton character Portrayed by First appearance 29 January 2007 Last appearance 11 November 2007 Classification Profile Residence Family Father Mother Brothers Sisters Half-brothers Grandfathers Jodie Morton Who was Stiles first kiss? played by. Jodie is introduced as the new owner of 's old bakery, along with her father.

Jodie and her grandfather, Wilf, arrive on Coronation Street, Who was Stiles first kiss? January 2007, to ask why the re-fit on the bakery is taking so long. She later finds out Charlie has been murdered, and asks his colleague to continue with the re-fit. Jodie enjoys arguing with rival chip shop worker. Cilla states that Jodie has the body of her father,and the face of 'Jabba The Hut'.

Jodie then retaliates by calling Cilla a liar. As part of the ongoing feud, Jodie Who was Stiles first kiss? Cilla's son 's dog Schmeichel and keeps him in the family's garden shed later letting him go. Jodie has a brief romance with. On 14 July 2007 it was announced that Seager was leaving Coronation Street.

Jodie leaves Weatherfield on 11 November 2007, after feeling that Jerry had taken her for granted too many times and goes to live with a friend in London. Wilf arrived on the street with his granddaughter. However, Jodie explained that Wilf was not good with names and that this was simply his method of addressing people informally.

Wilf was an ex-convict with an extensive criminal record, mostly as a result of his tendency to take part in scams, a trait that many members of his family had inherited. However, despite his former misdemeanours, Wilf was loyal to his family and after realising that his past record may have affected Mel and her application to join the Police, Wilf faked his death on 2007, by submitting a false to the. This action lead to and believing he was dead - with the former arranging her owndespite still being alive, as a result.

Wilf's intentions towards Blanche were never fully established; while the two often bickered, Blanche was genuinely shocked when she believed Wilf was dead, and Wilf made several flirtatious comments towards her. Although he appeared to live with his son and grandchildren, Wilf's appearances suddenly ceased and he was not referred to when his family left the Street in September 2008. Soap opera character Doreen Fenwick character Portrayed by First appearance 5 February 2007 Last appearance 2 December 2007 Introduced by Classification Profile Occupation Retired Home 32 Jubilee View Family Husband Harold Thompson Who was Stiles first kiss?

Widowed Tommy Who was Stiles first kiss? 1990—2006 Widowed Doreen Fenwick was played by actress. Doreen's character has been described as lively, bubbly and flirty.

She has been revealed to have been a former member of Charlie Roscoe's Exotic Dancers, joining the troupe at only fifteen years old. One of Doreen's eyes is noticeably partially sighted. This has been claimed as an accident in which involved Who was Stiles first kiss?

lychee and a chopstick. Doreen was considered as a new love interest Who was Stiles first kiss? was Stiles first kiss? the death of his wifebut this plan was shelved.

She has also guest starred in, the formeras well as another Coronation Street role as Dot Stockwell in Who was Stiles first kiss?. Later that night, Doreen is Who was Stiles first kiss? reunited with her old friend, and she and Doreen begin to go on regular nights out. She and Rita come back Who was Stiles first kiss?

one time just as an unexploded bomb is found in Weatherfield, and the town is forced to evacuate to Bessie Street Primary School. Shortly afterwards, Rita Who was Stiles first kiss? Doreen stay with her as Doreen tells her that her flat is being repaired.

However, Rita discovers that Doreen is faking her flat being repaired and removed of Who was Stiles first kiss?. Rita then tells Doreen to pack her bags and leave.

Rita confesses to Norris that she is missing Doreen's company but refuses to make the first move. Norris secretly arranges to meet Doreen and persuades her to make up with Rita. The two make up over a drink in the. Following this, Doreen begins helping out in The Kabin, notably when Rita takes a holiday. After Norris has proposed and been rejected by Rita, he goes on to propose to Doreen, only to discover that both and have already done so too. After some persuasion from Rita, Norris later retracts his proposal but Doreen declines George and Ivor's proposals too, stating that she has changed her mind about getting married.

Doreen was last mentioned on 6 December 2010 by Rita who stated that she would be meeting her in Weatherfield town centre but, just as Rita is going to meet her, Doreen telephones to cancel because of illness. Rita returns to her flat and is injured as a result of the tram crash. Soap opera character Kasia Barowicz character Portrayed by Irena Rodic First appearance 26 February 2007 Last appearance 16 April 2007 Classification Profile Occupation Seamstress Kasia Barowicz arrives in 2007 as a Polish worker at the Underworld factory.

She is their second Polish employee following. On the morning of 16 April 2007, whilst she is working illegally for in the factory, Kasia trips whilst carrying a stack of boxes and falls down a flight of stairs, and dies from the injuries she sustains. Carla panics at the thought that her business could be scuppered and does not call an ambulance. Instead, she phones her husband who hurries to the factory and helps her cover up the accident.

Paul, Carla and Paul's brother all lie to the police about the time Kasia died. They know that the police would ask questions if they called the ambulance immediately. As Kasia is working out of hours after doing two shifts, they are breaking the Who was Stiles first kiss?. Liam even clocks Kasia in at eight o'clock, the time that her legal shift was due to begin, in an attempt to avoid further questions and cover their tracks.

That morning,comes in for material for daughter 's school play costume. Sally is suspicious and knows that something does not add up. However, the truth behind Kasia's death remains a secret and nobody is charged for her death. Soap opera character Wiki Dankowska character Portrayed by Duration 2007—2009 First appearance 2 March 2007 Last appearance 6 February 2009 Classification Profile Home Poland Wiki Dankowska Polish pronunciation:played bymakes her first appearance on 2 March 2007 as a new employee of at the Underworld factory.

As a Polish immigrant, she is paid less than other employees, and they become concerned that their pay could be affected by this. She is bullied by andbut secures her equal pay for her from. She is the only factory worker to have seen Irena Rodic fall and die in the factory during an illegal shift. Paul, Carla and Liam cover up Kasia's death until 8:00am the following morning, when the death would be covered by their insurance.

Wiki goes along with this when Carla tells her that if they don't do this, Kasia's family would get no compensation money. Wiki has a son back home in Poland, aged 21, and she works in Underworld to support him. She then starts her own business selling underwear. In early 2008, Wiki spots stealing rejected underwear from Underworld to sell at her own knicker party, and Wiki is torn between telling Who was Stiles first kiss?

or keeping it secret. She is soon accused of stealing them herself but Kelly steps forward to take the blame. She rarely gets angry, but when Janice returns to work, having been arrested for fraud, after it is discovered she had kept the winnings that had been meant for the Lottery syndicate she is a part of for herself, Wiki is very angry with her and declares that it would be a long time before their friendship could be repaired.

On 25 December 2008, she spends Christmas withandwhere she cooks them a traditional Polish dinner. Although they are not impressed she did not notice and gets drunk. On 6 February 2009 just after confesses to Carla that he killed Liam Connor, Wiki inadvertently interrupts them to say that she is going back to Poland, to look after her ill mother.

Soap opera character Derek character Portrayed by David Hounslow First appearance 9 March 2007 Last Who was Stiles first kiss?

15 July 2007 Classification Profile Occupation Delivery man Family Wife Linda Derek, was a delivery man at the Rovers Return Inn who landlady immediately takes a shine to. He appears to feel the same way, so she attempts to get closer to him. Liz becomes more keen on Derek as her husband 's lazy behaviour starts to annoy her, and she continues to feel this way even after she and Vernon get engaged. The fact that Derek is married fails to deter her.

When Vernon is supposed to be meeting Liz for dinner, he becomes too drunk to turn up so she asks Derek to join her. When he arrives, they both have a good time and, on the way back to The Rovers, Liz and Derek share a passionate kiss for the first time. After this, Liz continues to play around with Derek and eventually sleeps with him for the first time after he books a hotel room for them both. The two then later agree to continue seeing each other after Derek shows up at the pub pretending to be delivering.

Their affair ends in July 2007 after Liz visits him at his flat and they sleep together. Derek's wife returns home unexpectedly and Liz is forced to hide on the outside balcony, naked, and is wolf-whistled by some nearby window cleaners. Liz splits up with Derek after telling him that she is too old to be hiding on balconies and having affairs. Soap opera character Kayleigh Morton character Portrayed by Duration 2007—2008 First appearance 18 March 2007 Last appearance 29 September 2008 Classification Profile Home Spain Family Father Mother Brothers Sisters Half-brothers Grandfathers Kayleigh Morton portrayed by is introduced as the youngest daughter in the Morton family.

She first arrived in Weatherfield in March 2007. In September 2008, Kayleigh departs for a new life in Spain with her father and Finlay. Soap opera character Finlay Bryant character Portrayed by Ramone Quinn Duration 2007—2008 First appearance 6 April 2007 Last appearance 29 September 2008 Classification Profile Occupation Student Home Spain Family Father Gary Denmark Mother Adoptive father Half-brothers Half-sisters Finlay Bryant, portrayed by Ramone Quinn is the son ofex-wife of.

In April 2007, Jerry discovers that Teresa has gone on holiday, leaving their daughter and her half-brother Finlay on their own. Jerry takes the children back home with him, so Finlay remains with the rest of the Mortons at No 6 Coronation Street. In June 2008, Teresa briefly cons into thinking Finlay is his son so that she can get money out of him. In April 2008, it was reported by The Manchester Evening News that the character would depart later in the year with the rest of the Morton family and was confirmed the following week.

In September 2008, Finlay departs for a new life in Spain with his stepfather and Kayleigh. Soap opera character Pat Stanaway character Portrayed by First appearance 15 June 2007 Last appearance 30 July 2007 Classification Pat Stanaway, is a short-lived love interest of. Pat was a customer of Streetcars and was talking to Eileen on the phone in a flirtatious way. It was announced on 16 October 2017 that the actor of Pat, died at the age of 51. Who was Stiles first kiss? opera character Luigi character Portrayed by Chris Hannon First appearance 1 July 2007 Last appearance 7 March 2008 Classification Profile Occupation Waiter Luigi is first seen in 2007 at the all new Valandros restaurant, as an assistant chef.

He instantly takes a dislike to boss whom he sees as inexperienced. He appears between 2007 until 2008 when employee Lee Booth sets the restaurant alight in an insurance scam. Soap opera character Ivor Priestley character Portrayed by First appearance 8 August 2007 Last appearance 2 December 2007 Classification Family Wife 2000—2003 Ivor Priestley was played by. Ivor first appeared at the funeral of his ex-wife. He made friends with who was also previously married to Angela.

Ivor and George both soon worked together to try and discover who Norris's love interest was, after receiving a declined proposal from business partnerNorris went on to propose to Rita's friendonly to discover that he and George had already done so too, after Norris declined his offer of marriage on 2 December, Doreen declined both Ivor and George's proposals, stating that she had changed her mind about getting married.

Soap opera character George Trench character Portrayed by First appearance 8 August 2007 Last appearance 2 December 2007 Classification Family Wife 2004-2006 George Trench was played by. George first appeared at the funeral of his ex-wife.

He made friends with who was also previously married to Angela. George and Ivor both soon worked together to try and discover who Norris's love interest was, after receiving a declined proposal from business partnerNorris went on to propose to Rita's friendonly to discover that he and Ivor had already done so too, after Norris declined his offer of marriage on 2 December, Doreen declined both George and Ivor's proposals, stating that she had changed her mind about getting married.

Soap opera character Frank Nicholls character Portrayed by First appearance 19 August 2007 Last appearance 3 October 2007 Classification Profile Occupation Businessman Frank Nicholls is an elderly man who is first introduced when gets a job at his care home.

When Cilla discovers he has money she begins flirting with him, and he invites her to become his full-time carer. Frank is found by Cilla dead in his chair on 3 October 2007. Soap opera character Christian Gatley character Portrayed by Andrew Turner Duration 2007, 2013 First appearance 10 September 2007 Last appearance 6 December 2013 Introduced by 2007 Stuart Blackburn 2013 Classification Profile Occupation Record Store Manager Supermarket Assistant Family Parents Cath Stepfather Wife Holly Gatley 2008— Sons Sam Gatley Daughters Maisie Gatley Christian Gatley is the son of character.

He first appeared on the show on 10 September 2007. Christian manages a record shop on Ashton Road, Manchester called Sound Garden. At first Hayley told Christian that she was his aunt but Roy insisted that she tell him the truth, which she eventually did.

Christian did not take the news well and after angrily lashing out, he runs away. After she controls her anger, she told him that whilst Hayley probably wasn't what he expected his father to look like, she's great and he is nothing. She makes clear to him that whilst he hurt Hayley, she would not want anyone to hurt him back. Three weeks later, it was revealed that Christian had resigned from the record shop and left. In September 2013, Hayley contacts Christian after learning that she has terminal cancer, wanting to make her peace with him.

Christian agrees to meet her and they arranged a date and time but Christian does not arrive, upsetting Hayley.

Official London Theatre

However, the next day he comes to the café and apologises for his behaviour when they previously met, he tells Hayley that he is now married and has two children, Maisie and Sam.

Christian goes for a drink with Roy and Hayley in The Rovers Return. He and Hayley leave the pub, and Christian is left alone. Christian returns again on 2 December 2013.

It seems he is in financial trouble and Hayley gives him £5000. Christian also allows Hayley to meet his children briefly. Soap opera character Lauren Wilson character Portrayed by Duration 2007—2008 First appearance 26 November 2007 Last appearance 16 April 2008 Classification Profile Occupation Home Family Sisters Nephews Lauren Wilson is 's younger sister played by. In April 2008, Lauren was written out after proving unpopular with viewers. Lauren had previously been working in in a bar called 'Man-unition', it is clear from the outset that straight-laced Violet does not get along with her wild younger sibling.

Lauren becomes barmaid at the Rovers, and moves in as a lodger with. Lauren has a relationship withbut it is clear to everyone but Darryl that she is using him for money and free nights out on the town. Eventually Darryl stands up to her when she suggests he steal from his father when he runs out of money. In the days leading up to her departure, she begins to suggest to that they take a break together, although it is apparent that she is just trying to wrangle a free holiday out of him especially as she has just lost her job at the Rovers and has no intention of paying the rent she owes to Eileen.

Sean returns from the holiday alone, explaining that Lauren, as expected, had abandoned him immediately upon leaving the plane once they had Who was Stiles first kiss? in Spain. She had started dating a rich boyfriend and had no intention of returning.

Soap opera character Lindsey Gordon character Portrayed by First appearance 26 November 2007 Last appearance 3 December 2007 Classification Family Husband 1998—2006 Lindsey Gordon is the ex-wife of businessman who first appears when she comes to the factory and slapswarning her to stay away from her husband.

She also tells Carla that Tony is a womaniser and a control freak. When tries to dig up Tony's Who was Stiles first kiss?, he turns to Lindsey for information. Lindsey continues to rant that Tony is a control freak, but claims they are both still in love and that Tony will return to her. Liam tries Who was Stiles first kiss? tell Carla this, but Carla does not listen. Soap opera character Phil Hardwick character Portrayed by Richard Sargent Duration 2007—2009 First appearance 28 November 2007 Last appearance 22 May 2009 Classification Profile Occupation Student Phil Hardwick is 's wheel-chair bound best friend.

He has made periodic appearances since 2007 and made his most recent in May 2009, as Phil and Ryan had formed a band.

Soap opera character Harry Mason character Portrayed by Duration 2007—2008 First appearance 3 December 2007 Last appearance 26 September 2008 Classification Profile Occupation Who was Stiles first kiss? Family Wife 1997— Sons Harry Mason was played by. He made his first onscreen appearance on 3 December 2007 when he and his son took over the betting shop on Rosamund Street.

The character's casting was widely reported in the media, due to the fact Harry was to be portrayed bywell known for his role as in. With three ex-wives and members of the criminal fraternity on the look-out for him, he needs to be sure that he hides those funds in a secure place. Harry is a wide-boy, someone who enjoys ducking and diving. He has a bit of a rough edge to him and operates Who was Stiles first kiss? just the right side of the law.

Harry criticizes Dan over his choice of car and later tries Who was Stiles first kiss? entice away from Streetcars while meeting with Eileen's boss. On 31 March 2008, Harry saves Elle MulvaneySteve's daughter, from being run over by a van. It also becomes clear on the same day that Harry is attracted to Steve's mother. After some flirting, Harry invites Liz to the opening of the new bookies when her husband leaves for a few weeks for a concert on a cruise ship.

It was reported in April 2008 that Harry's ex-wife Clarissa would be coming to the Street. In May 2008, Harry invites Liz round for dinner at his home, an invitation which she accepts. Towards the end of the evening, Harry leans in for a kiss, however, Liz reluctantly rejects his advances, thinking of Vernon and not wanting to be disloyal to her husband.

The following day, Harry invites her to lunch at the flat. Just as they are about to kiss for a second time they are interrupted by an angry Steve who expresses disgust at Harry and Liz's actions in Vernon's absence. In July 2008, after Liz has separated from Vernon, they strike up a close friendship, which makesHarry's ex-wife react badly. On 28 July 2008, Harry takes Liz back to his house where Clarissa catches them kissing, with Harry and Liz having no knowledge that Clarissa is hiding there.

Clarissa and Harry then decide to give their marriage another try and reconcile. Harry then tells Liz he wants to end their relationship. Liz and Clarissa have a fight on 30 July 2008. The same day Clarissa tells Harry to move back in with her. Clarissa and Harry reappear on the street in September 2008 and Harry and Liz resume their fling, and this soon develops into an affair.

When Clarissa discovers the truth from Liz, they both team up to get revenge on Harry for two-timing them both. Liz invites Harry into the back room of the Rovers with the promise of sex, and as she strips Harry to Who was Stiles first kiss? underwear Clarissa enters the room with her camera phone and takes the incriminating photos of Harry.

She Who was Stiles first kiss? agrees to take Harry back as long as he promises Who was Stiles first kiss? to set foot in Weatherfield again, and leaves Dan in charge of the bookies. Harry leaves Weatherfield on 26 September 2008 to start a new life with Clarissa. He first appears on screen on 3 December 2007 and last appears on 14 November 2008.

Before the character's arrival, the media reported on the Masons because they were to be portrayed by actors that the viewing public were already quite familiar with. After the character's first six months onscreen the actor's contract was extended by one year due to the character's popularity with the viewing public. Dan's first act of business was to track down who owes the previous bookie Stan a debt of £400. He finds Lloyd but Lloyd denies his identity. Later in The Rovers Return pub, Dan tricks Lloyd by calling him over by his name and Lloyd answers.

Dan tells him of his debt and that he is serious about recovering it. Later, Dan begins flirting with barmaidmuch to the anger of Michelle's boyfriend. From the start of the character's arrival, Dan is attracted to a number of local women. She decides to leave, mentioning that she has got to get up early for duty. Dan then lies to Harry about her occupation, saying that she is a nurse rather than a police officer.

Harry's interference in Dan's love life continues when he ruins Dan's chances of bedding factory machinist. Dan begins to flirt withand there is an instant attraction. They begin dating, and Dan suggests that she burn down Vallandros, her restaurant as a joke. This results in Leanne taking it seriously and manipulating her chef into burning it down for her as part of an insurance scam.

Dan is frustrated with Leanne because she makes him pretend they are not together and punches him in the face, humiliating him in public. Despite Leanne's unpredictable nature, he gives her a to the police over the restaurant fire.

Who was Stiles first kiss?

However, Paul becomes jealous of Dan's relationship with Leanne and decides to turn himself in, and implicates Dan and Leanne's involvement. Shortly after, Dan and Leanne are arrested and questioned but soon released. They later discover that they have escaped a prison sentence when Paul is due to face charges but flees the country.

On 4 June 2008, scratches Steve's car. Steve, outraged by this, blames Dan for the damage, believing him to be responsible. On 6 June 2008, Steve Who was Stiles first kiss? Dan's mobile phone from his car in revenge. Steve refuses to return it unless Dan pays the bill for the damage to his car. Dan refuses knowing he is innocent. Steve and Dan have a fight in the Rovers Return during its closing times after Dan accidentally elbows Steve in the eye whilst attempting to retrieve his phone.

When Steve throws Dan's phone down into the cellar, Steve locks Dan in the pub cellar overnight.

Who was Stiles first kiss?

The following morning, Dan is discovered clutching his chest in pain. He is rushed to hospital where it is discovered that he is suffering from a ruptured spleen.

When Dan recovers he lies to the police about the nature of his injuries and Steve is arrested. As a result of Steve's actions, Dan has to have his spleen removed. Steve panics, thinking he is to be charged with attempted murder but Harry convinces Dan to tell the truth.

In September 2008, Dan discovers, to his dismay, that Harry is selling the bookies and shortly afterwards he leaves the Street. Knowing that he cannot afford to pay back the interest on a business loan, Leanne offers to give Dan the £10,000 that he needs as a result of her and her stepmother winning £25,000 in a lottery scam that Dan does not know about.

Dan delightfully accepts Leanne's offer. He eventually discovers the truth prior to Janice turning herself in to the police and he breaks up with Leanne. Leanne is left heartbroken but Dan soon moves on and begins dating Kelly. On 14 November 2008, Dan's relationship with Kelly ends when he sells the bookies to and he leaves Weatherfield without her.

Nick was first seen on the street stalking in December 2007. Ryan constantly saw Nick's car and was worried when he shouted out his name. It was then revealed that Ryan is the biological son of Nick, but is his legal son.

Ryan went away for a week with Nick on a Canoeing holiday and meets up with Ryan on occasions. Nick Who was Stiles first kiss? last seen in April 2008 when Michelle was about to go to Ireland with Alex and Ryan to see her parents.

Soap opera character Abi Sharpe character Portrayed Who was Stiles first kiss? Rachael Elizabeth Duration 2007—2008 First appearance 12 December 2007 Last appearance 12 September 2008 Classification Profile Occupation Home Police Abi Sharpe was a police officer friend offirst seen in 2007. She had an on off flirtatious relationship with bookie. Abi flirted with Mel's twin brother, on their 19th birthday, to console him after had dumped him, in order to make Lauren jealous.

Abi reappeared on 7 July 2008, helping Mel sort out her father,after he had a heart attack and was drinking alcohol. Mel also asked her to do a police check on her mother's ex-boyfriend, Gary Denmark who she claimed beat her.

At the end of August, Mel was prompted to stay at Abi's with Teresa persisting to live at No. On 3 September 2008 Mel and Abi were celebrating completing their police training when they overheard some youth girls fighting. Abi called the police force while Mel attempted to break up the fight, when Abi saw Mel getting hurt she joined in to save her friend.

The fight ended with Abi left with a bleeding eye after sustaining an injury with a glass bottle. Mel called an ambulance and told Jerry about the situation, in shock, Abi was safely transported to hospital. Abi later told Mel in hospital that she needed eye surgery as she had a detached. After the operation, Abi was confined to desk duty at the police station because of the damage done to her eye, this was much to her Who was Stiles first kiss?

as she longed to be on the beat. This caused Mel to feel very guilty. Abi later relocated to and Mel soon followed. Soap opera character Wendy Neeson character Portrayed by Duration 2007—2008, 2018 First appearance 17 December 2007 Last appearance 19 March 2018 Introduced by 2007 2018 Classification Family Husband Sons Adoptive sons Wendy Neeson was played by.

She is the biological mother ofbut is her legal son. Wendy told Alex's biological mother that she and her husband had divorced over the row about Alex not being their biological son. She acted up when Alex went to stay with Michelle, and went to claim her son several times, and finally on 7 March 2008 managed to take Alex back home. Wendy, unlike Nick, was curious about Ryan but when he showed no interest in her, concentrated on Alex. He became involved in the show's first ever baby swap storyline, where he had been accidentally swapped withshortly following their birth.

The character departed in 2008. He returned ten years Who was Stiles first kiss? in 2018, now played by.

List of Coronation Street characters (2007)

In February 2020, it was announced that Burrows had quit the show and would be departing the following month. However, he was accidentally swapped with Ryan, who was born on the same day. As a result, Michelle and Dean brought up Nick and Wendy's son as Ryan, believing him to be theirs, while Nick and Wendy brought up Dean and Michelle's son as Alex. Neither Nick and Wendy nor Michelle and Dean were aware that their sons had been mixed up until Alex fell ill and was rushed into the hospital when he was 14 years old.

It was then that his blood group was checked. His blood group was identified as being significantly different from Nick's and as a result Nick was told that it wasn't possible for Alex to be his biological son. Nick subsequently assumed that Wendy had had an affair, causing them to split with her denying any affair.

The doctor told them that the only possible explanation was that Alex had been mixed up with another baby after being born. Nick hired a private detective who discovered that there was only one baby born in the same ward at the same time as Alex - Ryan, leading Nick to believe that Ryan was his biological son.

After Nick began to stalk Ryan around Christmas 2007, Michelle decided to confront Nick after discovering his house in Sale. Michelle was shocked when Alex answered the door as he greatly resembled Dean. Nick later explained to Who was Stiles first kiss? that he believed Alex and Ryan were swapped at birth but she accused him of lying. Ryan ran away when he found out about Nick's claims and waited outside his house. Alex approached him and demanded to know why he had been hanging around.

Ryan refused and walked away from him, Who was Stiles first kiss? Alex was persistent and wrestled him to the ground. When Ryan refused once more, Alex punched him. Ryan told him that Nick claimed to be his father and that he and Alex were swapped at birth. Alex was incredulous and punched him a second time causing the two to fight. They tumbled on to the road and Alex was hit by a car. The two boys were then taken to the hospital with no major injuries. Nick informed Michelle that Alex, like Ryan, wanted things to stay as they were and he didn't want to see her.

Despite this decision, Michelle waited for Alex outside his school and introduced herself as his mother, Who was Stiles first kiss? him her number and telling him to contact her if he ever wanted to talk. This led to Michelle feeling guilty and she panicked when Alex arrived at the Rovers to see her. He told her that he had never been happy with Nick and Wendy. When Michelle and Alex arranged to meet again, she was hurt when he stood her up. When Michelle's parents visited for her brother Liam's wedding, Alex insisted that he wanted to meet his family and, much to the annoyance of Michelle, introduced himself to her mother as her real grandson.

This made Alex feel guilty and he apologised to Michelle, who agreed Who was Stiles first kiss? talk with him about the family history. This caused Ryan to clash with Alex once again because he thought Alex was intruding on his life.

When Alex arrived on Coronation Street once again to see Michelle, he told Norris Cole in The Kabin that he was Michelle's son and that he and Ryan were swapped. Nick rang Michelle to tell her that Alex had run away, and Alex was caught shoplifting. He was escorted to the Rovers by a Police Officer after telling them he lived there and Michelle agreed to let him stay after he claimed he was not happy with Nick or Wendy.

Alex's stay at the Rovers caused much tension and Michelle constantly had to defend him against Vernon and Liz. Alex also constantly refused to move back with Wendy and was allowed to stay for longer and longer.

When Alex let Steve's daughter Amy wander off, Alex locked himself in the pub when he realised how angry Steve was. Alex unlocked the door when Michelle told him he could stay as long as he wanted. His prolonged presence at the Rovers caused Ryan to move in with Liam and Maria. Michelle also stopped Wendy from taking Alex home, arguing he could stay as long as he wanted.

Michelle, however, soon realised that Alex couldn't stay forever and arranged for Wendy to take him home. This caused Alex to refuse to see Michelle again because she went back on her word.

Michelle became upset when Ryan started to see Nick and was especially frustrated because Alex wouldn't see her. Steve, however, persuaded Alex to meet up with her again after seeing how upset she was. Alex met up with Michelle again and she decided to visit her parents in Ireland with Alex so that he could meet the family.

Alex now going by the name of Ali returned to Coronation Street in 2018 as a trainee doctor, working at the medical centre. He persuades Liz to not tell Michelle that he is back in Weatherfield, and she agrees. However, at Michelle and Robert's Who was Stiles first kiss? party, Michelle cuts her hand and goes to the medical centre where she encounters Ali. Ali treats Michelle's hand but refuses to establish a relationship with her, Who was Stiles first kiss?

Michelle. However, when he finds out about 's suicide, he shows concern for Michelle, despite Robert being the bearer of the news. He and Michelle begin to repair their relationship. Ryan now played by returns to the street for Michelle and Robert's wedding, and he and Ali clash at Robert's stag do.

Ali's medical skills are put to good use at Michelle and Robert's wedding; first when Connor McIntyre forces Ali to tend to gunshot wound and again when Phelan takes Michelle hostage and she is shot in the Bistro kitchen in a botched escape attempt.

Ali is pulled into Ryan's feud with gangster Ronan Truman after Ronan swears revenge on Ryan for leaving his son Cormac to die from a drug overdose. Michelle attempts to leave Weatherfield with her sons but they are chased by Ronan.

Their car breaks down and Ryan tries to face Ronan himself but is hit by his car. Ali and Michelle tend to him and when Leanne Battersby comes to investigate, Ronan runs her over and crashes. Ali finds him impaled by a broken fencepost. Ronan promises to come after the Connors, so Ali pulls the stake out, causing him to die from blood loss. He lies to his family and the police saying that Ronan pulled it out himself. Ali struggles with his guilt in the following weeks and becomes moody and violent, lashing out at his family and getting into fights.

He eventually reveals the truth to Michelle who tells Robert and then Ryan. In 2019, Ali starts a romance with. This is complicated Who was Stiles first kiss? his growing addiction towhich causes him to develop seizures.

On September 4, 2020 offscreen, Ali was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment for assaulting after a love triangle broke out between him and Maria, later Ali was released off-screen due to his good behaviour and has started a new life in.

He is promoted to the role of clerk from 2009 when he's present as is charged with murder, and appears again in 2010 at the trial of for her part in her husband 's death.

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