Question: Was Plagueis in phantom menace?

According to canon, is Darth Plagueis alive during The Phantom Menace? No that was part of legends. As far as I know Plagueis hasnt been touched by the current canon besides what Palpatine told Anakin.

Was Darth plagueis in The Phantom Menace?

↑ 1.0 1.1 In Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, Jedi Master Yoda states that there could only be two Sith Lords at a time; a Rule of Two was in place of Sith succession, as explained in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode Sacrifice. Since Darth Sidious and Darth Maul were the two Dark Lords during The Phantom ...

Did plagueis meet Anakin?

Years later, during the Crisis on Naboo in 32 BBY, Plagueis was surprised to discover the existence of Anakin Skywalker, a young Human boy born without a father.

Is Darth plagueis still alive in phantom menace?

No that was part of legends. As far as I know Plagueis hasnt been touched by the current canon besides what Palpatine told Anakin.

Is Darth Plagueis the father of Anakin?

The father of Anakin Skywalker has long been debated among Star Wars fans. According to Anakins mother Shmi, there was no father- she simply woke up pregnant one day. According to Sheev Palpatine, his Sith master Darth Plagueis had figured out how to manipulate the Force into creating life.

Is Grog Yodas son?

Favreau has clarified that Grogu is not a younger version of Yoda himself, but has declined to comment upon whether he is related to Yoda or otherwise connected to him.

Is Jar Jar Binks force sensitive?

This has been seen as a hint that Jar Jar is Force-sensitive, yet hides his abilities unless called on. Plus, he seems to have an uncanny knack for avoiding death, as demonstrated several times during the Battle of Naboo against the Trade Federations droid army.

Take over the Mandalorian Death Watch Organization. Assemble a powerful army of crime lords and gangsters in order to overthrow the Duchess Satine and seize control over Mandalore all succeeded. Lure to Mandalore so he can kill him to prevent Sidious from making him his new apprentice.

Convince Ahsoka Tano to join him or kill her. Destroy the Jedi, the Sith, and the Empire. Make Ezra Bridger his new apprentice all failed. Escape the Republic cruiser and survive Order 66 succeeded. Kill both Obi-Wan Kenobi and his friends in order to get revenge on them failed.

War crimes Organized crime Mass murder Mutilation Corruption Abuse of power Physical and psychological abuse Kidnapping Snuff filming Usurpation Treason Conspiracy Terrorism Piracy Larceny Regicide Blackmail Stalking Poaching Accessory to drug dealing Trespassing Genocide False imprisonment Smuggling Animal cruelty Assault and battery Darth Maul, later known as just Maul, is a major antagonist in the franchise.

A Zabrak Nightbrother male fromhe was a lord and the first apprentice of prior to the Battle of Naboo and his abandonment by his former master. After being left for dead on Naboo, Maul later resurfaced during the and sought revenge against all who had wronged him turning to a life of crime and terrorism and plunged much of the galaxy into fear and chaos in the process.

He is the son ofthe brother of and the archenemy of. However, in The Phantom Menace, his voice was provided bywho also played in Spaced, in Shaun of the Dead, in South Park, in Archer, in American Dad! Roles Maul first appeared as the secondary antagonist ofthe first film of the. He is also the titular villainous protagonist ofDarth Maul: Saboteur and Maul: Lockdown, as well as the tritagonist of. He also appeared as the overarching antagonist of. Darth Maul is driven by pure hatred for all things, particularly the Jedi, though he does have a sense of honor, granting worthy foes quick Was Plagueis in phantom menace?.

He also had respect and possibly even attachment for Emperor Palpatine, despite his torturous upbringing at his hands, but he also feared Palpatine more than anything else, even after the two became enemies. Maul focuses on complete victory at any cost and even his master finds it somewhat terrifying how much pain he will endure to succeed in his goals. Maul bravely takes on any challenge, but is also extremely brutal, arrogant, aggressive and gloating, best exemplified by one point, where he believed he could fight and defeat the entire Jedi Order.

Sidious often had to warn Maul to watch his pride, saying that he is no one-man army despite his fierce fighting skill. Maul was once dependable and loyal to his master, but still wondered about his part in the Grand Plan of the Sith and knew he could not carry on the Sith's legacy, having only been trained as an assassin. He feared what might happen if Palpatine were to meet his end unexpectedly, and had no idea of how to carry out the Grand Plan alone.

Maul also realizes he cannot maintain any secret identity like Palpatine does because of his appearance. He lacks a complete understanding of the galaxy despite his knowledge in the world of politics and crime, though he realizes the Jedi are the true enemy, not the Republic. Maul has no patience for the useless, but can take notice of the more talented.

He is determined to be the greatest warrior via any means of self-improvement and his near-death at the hands of Obi-Wan has made him more bitter. Maul was a terrifying opponent who once obeyed his lord without question, killing those who would upset his schemes. Maul is a cunning, ruthless, traitorous, and manipulative killer who has no qualms with killing civilians or using taunting to unsettle his opponents in battle.

His time in Was Plagueis in phantom menace? had made him more patient and able to function as a leader in his quest for revenge, not just a follower. Maul is determined to kill Sidious and his new apprentice,whom he considers a pretender Sith, and laterwho he saw as a dangerous opponent. In his final moments, however, Maul lost most of his hatred for Obi-Wan, as he is embraced by him.

When Obi-Wan confirms the fate of the Chosen One, Maul shares his belief that would avenge them both. This concludes that Maul was not entirely the monster that most saw him as, but truly a tragic character who had lost everything he cared about due to Darth Sidious' actions, much like his successor Darth Vader, but showed that he could not let go of his hate.

And Was Plagueis in phantom menace? strength you gain power. You must break your chains. Maul is extremely skilled and resourceful at wielding lightsabers and focuses more on physical skill than using spiritual and psychological tactics to crush his foes, though he has used these more lately. Maul is best known for his double-ended saberstaff the second blade of which he often used to catch his opponents off guard.

He also combines his lightsaber wielding with hand-to-hand combat, making him a much more dangerous opponent. When Maul cannot win with pure martial skill, he uses tactics to win the day.

He is amazingly skilled in using the Force, which grants him telekinetic abilities such as Force choke, Force grip, and could resist Force lightning. Maul is also skilled with technology, building his speeder bike and Dark Eye probe droids and modifying a protocol droid to become an assassin droid to protect his ship.

Maul also possesses an extreme endurance to physical pain. Maul was also familiar with potent magics, knowing the details of a scrying spell that he used by mixing potions of magical ichor to join his mind together with Ezra Bridger. Enraged by the death of his master, Obi-wan fought with Maul with unfriendliness and after nearly falling into the void, he managed to raise himself up and cut Maul in two and watched him fall thinking he had killed Darth Maul.

During the ten years he spent on Lotho Minor, Maul had gone mad and amnesiac, but he still remembered the Was Plagueis in phantom menace?

who ruined his life and cut off half of his body, even repeating his name in his moments of insanity. His hatred for Kenobi kept his spirit alive. After gaining new legs, Maul would later meet Kenobi, bent on getting revenge against him. However, Maul became angry and wanted Kenobi to feel his anguish and killed Duchess Satine in front of Kenobi. Maul knew of their feelings, knowing her death would put Was Plagueis in phantom menace? enemy in pain. When he saw that it did, he took great pleasure in watching his foe cradle of the dead body of his love.

Rather than kill him out right like his brother had suggested, Maul had him imprisoned to rot. Years after the rise of the Empire, Maul retained his hatred of Kenobi and wanted to see if Kenobi survived Order 66. After he discovered through the holocron that Obi-wan was indeed alive, he began to search the galaxy to Was Plagueis in phantom menace? his greatest desire the death of his greatest enemy by his hand. Eventually, Maul discovered Kenobi was hiding on Tatooine, the very place they met.

Maul found him tending to Ezra and remarked on his lackluster living, even mockingly suggesting to leave him to rot like the desert rat he became. Rather than resort in a snarky manner like he would in his younger daysKenobi calmly cast Was Plagueis in phantom menace?

his insults. His defiance infuriated Maul who challenged him to one final duel. Obi-Wan was forced to accept after Was Plagueis in phantom menace? deduced his reasons for being on the desert planet and knew Maul had to die. After being defeated by Obi-Wan, the dying Maul shared his belief that the Chosen One Luke Skywalker would avenge them both by destroying the Sith. Although it is unknown if they have ever met in person, Anakin likely despises and has a grudge against Maul; due to him murdering his close friend and father-figure, Qui-Gon Jinn.

Anakin was willingly to capture Maul, believing his capture would help end the Clone Wars and supported Ahsoka's need to lay siege on Mandalore. When Maul discovered that Anakin Skywalker was being manipulated by Darth Sidious to become his new apprentice, Maul organized his takeover of Mandalore to lure Anakin into his war so he can murder him, thus preventing Sidious from turning him to the dark side.

However, Maul becomes disappointed when Anakin's former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano arrives to fight in the Siege of Mandalore instead of Anakin. It was later revealed that Maul had intentions to murder Anakin to prevent his former master, Darth Sidious, from turning him to the dark side.

At the end of the Clone Wars, Maul's prediction of Anakin comes true when he turns to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader. However, it is unknown if Maul knows if Anakin and Vader are one and the same, but he counts Vader as his enemy. Maul has continually evaded Vader over the years, knowing fully well that he does not have the strength needed to successfully fight Vader Was Plagueis in phantom menace? on equal terms. Emperor Palpatine Emperor Palpatine kidnapped Maul from his mother when he was young to raise and train him to be his apprentice.

Maul trained hard under Palpatine, whom Maul gained some sense of attachment to and thus devoted himself to serving his master's will. When Maul was seemingly killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Palpatine felt no real loss and simply replaced Maul with a new apprentice.

Over ten years later, they met again, Maul previously expressed fear at being in his master's presence. Palpatine was pleased Maul survived while the latter knelt to Sidious pretending to wish to serve him again, but the Sith Lord saw through this and declared Maul as his rival.

Maul and his brother dueled the Sith Master, though the latter proved too strong and killed Savage. Enraged by the death of his brother, Maul attacked his former master. In spite of putting up a good fight, he was ultimately defeated and was reduced to begging for mercy. Maul was tortured by Palpatine using lightning while promising not to kill him while taking Maul to use as he saw fit. He used Maul as bait to lure out his mother and kill her, and when Maul escaped Palpatine, no longer considered him a real threat.

A decade later, Maul's hatred and bitterness towards Palpatine and the Sith as a whole spurred him to find ancient Sith artifacts to use to exact his revenge. He even believed that the prophecy of the Chosen One, who would destroy the Sith once and for all, would come true. Both before and after Palpatine abandoned him, Maul regarded his master with awe and fear. Maul feared Palpatine more than anything else, and sensing Palpatine' imminent rise at the end of the Clone Wars put Maul under debilitating stress.

At times, Maul showed clear signs of fear and agitation when merely talking about Palpatine.

Was Plagueis in phantom menace?

Shortly before Order 66, this reached the point where Maul preferred death to being delivered back to Palpatine. Count Dooku Maul and his successor have been enemies since his mind was restored by his mother, due to Maul hating Dooku for being his replacement as Palpatine's apprentice and Tyranus hating Maul for being a threat to him.

Was Plagueis in phantom menace?

They also didn't regard each other as a true Sith Lord: Tyranus saw Maul as nothing more than an animal and Maul saw Dooku as a pretender. However, during the Siege of Mandalore Maul had confessed to his Mandalorian followers that he realized he and Dooku were more alike than he realized and saw that they were both just pawns in Sidious's game.

Ezra Bridger Ezra Bridger was tricked Was Plagueis in phantom menace? Maul during Was Plagueis in phantom menace? mission to Malachor into trusting him, paving the way for a potential master-apprentice relationship between the two.

Maul also had an effect on Ezra with his words, causing him to begin to believe that to fight his enemies, he needed to think like them. Though Ezra saw Maul as an enemy and blames him in part for the supposed death of Ahsoka Tano, Maul still believed that Ezra may yet join him. The two joined the Holocrons that caused them to form a Force Bond.

However, when Maul once again tried convincing Ezra to join him in Dathomir, the boy rEzra refused, Maul saw that their relationship was just one sided and left him on the planet. He later used Ezra in his plans to lure Obi-Wan Kenobi out of hiding by luring him to Tatooine through the Force Bond. In the end, after Obi-Wan managed to kill Maul in combat, Ezra was saved from his temptations to lure him over to the dark side and make him his next apprentice.

Ahsoka Tano Maul and Ahsoka did not meet until the Siege of Mandalore.

Star Wars comic finally reveals Anakin Skywalker's father

For reasons unknown, Maul learned her name was Ahsoka Tano but he did not know anything else about her. Ahsoka, meanwhile, was aware of Anakin and Obi-Wan's past encounters, and did not hesitate to show her hatred towards Maul.

In ways, after learning of the trial that Ahsoka went through, Maul saw that he and Ahsoka were very similar: they fought a higher power they spend their whole life with only to be cast out by their own orders and even gave her the choice to join him.

Ahsoka considered an alliance, but after he made it clear he was going to harm Anakin, she turned on him and the two opponents dueled. Later, Ahsoka had the chance to take Maul but let him go in Was Plagueis in phantom menace? to save Rex. They unwillingly reunited on Malachor, where Maul had mocked her for her departure, and the two begrudgingly forged an alliance.

However, when Maul made it his intentions to kill Ahsoka Was Plagueis in phantom menace? Kanan and then take Ezra with him as an apprentice, Ahsoka fought him yet again.

However, she left the rest of the duel to Kanan as she went to save Ezra from Darth Vader. Maul is the secret head of the syndicate, but he lets Vos act as the face and handle the day-to-day operations. After Vos is killed by Qi'ra, Maul cows the latter into answering to him. Savage Opress Savage Opress was Maul's elder brother, Was Plagueis in phantom menace? the two only formed a relationship as adults. They first met when Savage rescued Maul from madness on Lotho Minor, with Maul unaware of his identity in Was Plagueis in phantom menace?

maniac state. Savage was instrumental in helping Mother Talzin to repair his body and mind. After regaining his wits, Maul addressed Savage as his brother and they teamed up to fulfill Maul's wish for revenge. Was Plagueis in phantom menace?, Maul seemed to have genuinely loved Savage in some sense.

Maul was also pleased to see Savage becoming wise on his own. He flew into a rage and attempted to kill his former master but failed in the end. Even fifteen years later, Maul still mourned Savage, citing his death to Ezra as a grievance against the Sith and indirectly mentions him when he asks Ezra to join him as friends or brothers.

If the trace was correct, I will find them quickly, Master. Savage: They have been restored by Mother Talzin. Maul: It has been so long and my path has been so dark, darker than I ever dreamed it could be. Savage: And yet you survived. Maul: Of course I survived. My hatred kept my spirit intact even though my body was not. Yet I was lost and became a rabid animal and such is how you found me, brother.

I have missed so much. The Force feels out of balance. So it began without me. Savage: You can begin again, brother. Maul: I was apprentice to the most powerful being in the galaxy once. I was destined to become so much more, but I was robbed of that destiny by the Jedi, by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Savage: Then you must have your revenge, my brother.

Maul: Yes, we shall start with revenge. I have been waiting for you. Obi-Wan: I'm not sure I've made your acquaintance. Maul: I am surprised you could have forgotten me so easily after I killed your master and you left me for dead on Naboo. Maul: You may have forgotten me, but I will never forget you. You cannot imagine the depths I would go to to stay alive, fueled by my singular hatred for you. Obi-Wan: That may be so, but I defeated you before, and I can defeat you again.

Maul: Don't be so certain. Obi-Wan: You know, when I cut you in half, I should have aimed for your neck instead. Obi-Wan: I like your new legs. They make you look taller. Your death will be beyond excruciating. You will suffer as I have suffered! How did that make you feel, Obi-Wan? Your rage has unbalanced you. That is not the Jedi way, is it? Vizsla: Do you serve Count Dooku? Maul: I serve no one. Vizsla: I thought there could only be two Sith; a master and an apprentice.

The true Lords of the Sith. Vizsla: What happened to your ship? Vizsla: Do you know which Jedi? Vizsla: And what do you seek now, Sith? Vizsla: The duchess has powerful allies, including your Jedi friend, Kenobi. He is also responsible for Was Plagueis in phantom menace? exile. Perhaps fortune brought us together.

Maul: It is the will of the Force. We can help you reclaim Mandalore. And punish Kenobi for his trespasses. Bo-Katan: We allied ourselves with Sith before. Count Dooku, he betrayed us. Sith are no better than Jedi. They claim to be powerful, but we put these two back together after the Jedi gutted them. Maul: Doubt will only lead to failure. Our combined strength will be rewarded.

Darth Maul

Mandalore will be yours, and Kenobi, this Sith pretender Dooku, and all our enemies will fall. And only the strongest shall rule Mandalore! No outsider will ever rule Mandalore. Maul: If you do not join me, you will all die. Maul: Unfortunately for you, history will not see it that way. You think you know me? It was I who languished for years thinking of nothing but you! And now, the perfect tool for my vengeance is in front of us.

I never planned on killing you, but I will make you share my pain, Kenobi. A presence I haven't felt since. Sidious: I am most impressed to see you have survived Was Plagueis in phantom menace?

injuries. Maul: I used your training, Master. And I have built all this in hopes of returning to your side. Sidious: How unfortunate that you are attempting to deceive me. Sidious: You have become a rival! I won't tell you anything. Maul: How charming that you actually believe that statement to be true. All part of the plan. What are you talking about?

The only plan that matters. Not even I was made aware of its grand design, but I played my part. And do you know what happened to me?

But I survived, and I can thrive in the chaos that is to come. Saxon, information is a valuable commodity. See to it that the Prime Minister does not become an asset to our enemy.

Gar Saxon: Yes, my lord. Maul: Now, there are some things I need to know, and you're going to help me. We can go round and round in this circle if you want. Jesse: I ain't telling you anything. Maul: It is not up to you. Your mind will speak, or it will break. Who is this Ahsoka Tano? At the time I thought Dooku was an old fool. But now, now I see he and I are the same. The dark side has never been stronger. It is not the way of your people to hide, here in the gutters. If you die, I promise you it will be on the field of Was Plagueis in phantom menace?.

Ahsoka: Care to tell me what this is all about? Or would you rather save it for the Council? You are the one that I wish to speak with. Were you not cast out of your Order? Maul: Yes, but you were motivated to leave by the hypocrisy of the Jedi Council. We were both tools for greater powers. Ahsoka: I am here to bring you to justice. Maul: Justice is merely the construct of the current power base.

A base, which, according to my calculations, is about to change. Ahsoka: And Darth Sidious is behind it?

Maul: He is behind everything. In the shadows, always, but soon, very soon, he will reveal himself. Ahsoka: With your help, the Jedi can stop Sidious before its too late. Maul: Too late for what? It already has and you just can't see it.

There is no justice, no law, no order. Except for the one that will replace it. The time of the Jedi has passed. But together, you and I can. Every choice you have made. Ahsoka: Only for you to take his place! Ahsoka: Is this your doing? Maul: No, no, it was not my doing.

I do not know what has occured, but surely, you have felt it. Ahsoka: The clones turned against me. He turned the Jedi's own army against Was Plagueis in phantom menace?. Please put your weapon away. I mean you no harm.

Was Plagueis in phantom menace?

I'm warning you, old man. It's just, I've been alone so long. It's been years since I've spoken to anyone. Ezra: You live here alone? I've had to scrounge and scrape to survive. I wish I could help you, but I have to get back to my friends. Maul: Well, perhaps I could help you. Maul: Why are you here? Ezra: I'm not gonna tell you that. Maul: You came for the same reason I did, years ago. Ezra: It's in the temple, isn't it?

Maul: And I know the secret way to get inside, but, but I'm too old. I need help to open the door. Maul: Help me and find out. Maul: Do you not trust me? Ezra: I don't know you. Maul: W-Well, then let's change that. Maul: I am the enemy of your enemy now, and I have my own reasons for wanting the Empire to fall. But we have little time. The one they call Vader will be here soon. Kanan: How do you know this? Maul: His dogs will tell him where we are. He will not be able to resist us.

And I'm not convinced we're all on the same side anyway. Ezra: Kanan, we should trust him. He and I took this from the temple together! This is why we came here, right? To find out about the Sith. To find a way to beat them. Ahsoka, you said we came here for knowledge. Ahsoka: Ezra, there is no way a Jedi can unlock that holocron. Maul: But you may unlock the Temple itself. Maul: At the top of the temple is a chamber. Connect the holocron to the obelisk within and you can unlock the ancient knowledge of the Sith.

Ahsoka: Why are you working so hard to keep us here? Maul: I cannot defeat Vader alone. Ezra: I say we stay with him. Well, I say we go, so that settles it. Maul: Are you Was Plagueis in phantom menace? cowards that you would run from this chance to defeat your enemies? We're all on the same side. A rat in the desert. Obi-Wan: Look what I have risen above. Maul: I've come to kill you, but perhaps it's worse to leave you here, festering in your squalor.

Obi-Wan: If you define Was Plagueis in phantom menace? by your power to take life, a desire to dominate, to possess, then you have nothing. Maul: And what do you have? Oh, you have a purpose Was Plagueis in phantom menace?. Perhaps you are protecting something. Many fans Was Plagueis in phantom menace? to know more about Maul after the movie, mostly due to his lack of lines, resulting in expansion on his character in books and comics. Maul's initial design by Ian McCaig.

One of his initial concepts featured a design where Maul was portrayed as a pale white figure covered in blood-red ribbons. The design was scrapped as Lucas felt it was too scary, though it was later used as a basis for the specifically for.

In Maul's case, it's the apprentice who enforces Sidious' will and is the embodiment of pure anger and rage who kills one of the main protagonist's mentor and close ally. Benicio del Toro and Billy Bob Thornton We're both considered for the role of Dark Maul before Ray Park was cast.

This is non-canonical since the special is set after A New Hope and Maul died before A New Hope. Benicio del Toro and Billy Bob Thornton were both considered for the role of Dark Maul before Ray Park was cast.

The reason for this is that Maul was the inspiration. It is possible that the ten long years he spent on Lotho Minor had changed him forever despite his fully restored mind. This foreshadowed Maul's death in Star Wars Rebels. He can spin his lightsaber around him. Also, he is not cut in half like his original incarnation was. He is portrayed by a minion pig. His take on Maul was cut in favor of Witwer, however.

This is most notably shown during Maul's battle with Ahsoka Tano.

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