Question: Is 5zig mod allowed on Hypixel?

5-zig mod is allowed on Hypixel, but just be careful you download it from a reliable source.

What kind of mods are allowed on hypixel?

Allowed ModsAuto-GG (Automatically say GG for the user after each game finishes)Optifine (Gives user Optifine Cape and increases FPS)Mods that give you capes or other cosmetics that only players using the same mod can see.Mods that increases Frames Per Second (FPS)Fullbright/Fullgamma.More items...

What does the 5zig mod do?

The mod is divided up into several projects: The 5zig Mod is the core module and contains all (high-level) UI, networking, data and logic code. Mod Utils provides all abstract UI and Minecraft class components while Utils provides some more general utility functions.

Can you get banned for using mods in hypixel?

Active Member You wil NOT be banned for it. Its a completely fine client you dont have to worry about it being allowed. Its a transparent client it tells the server its running so if it wasnt allowed Hypixel could just block you from joining with it on (like mineplex does for some reason ?)

Are mods allowed on hypixel skyblock?

The Hypixel Server is against any sort of cheating, hacking, or any sort of modifications which would provide unfair advantages against other players in game. Please remember all use of modifications on our server is at your own risk, including the ones listed as examples.

Is Badlion allowed on hypixel?

Active Member You can still be banned for Badlion, its use at your own risk. Even though most of the mods disallowed on the server are disabled, using other modifications that are not disabled still have you a chance to be punished.

Is forge allowed on Minecraft?

Minecraft 1.7. 10 Game Version. ... Forge Mods | Planet Minecraft Community Around November 2011, the Forge Mod Loader and Minecraft Forge were released. Forge allowed players to be able to run several mods simultaneously.

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Is 5zig mod allowed on Hypixel?

Discuss, share, compete, get involved. This includes but is not limited to: 2.

hypixel skyblock approved mods

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I recently started playing skywars on hypixel, and installed 5zig so I could see arrows left and armour durability. Only problem it stopped working hours later. Everything else works, just not what I need. If requested I can show what I mean.

Is 5zig mod allowed on Hypixel?

I'll see if it happens again. It's gone and I have no idea why.

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